Pioneer DDJ SB2 unbabalanced sound
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    Default Pioneer DDJ SB2 unbabalanced sound


    I recently purchased a DDJ SB2 and want to use it with some active vonyx speakers which have both RCA and XLR inputs.

    Im not really much of an expert in the technical sound data , so if i could get some help with my questions below it would be a great help.

    If i use a 6 meter RCA cable will i loose much sound quality ?

    Should i buy a RCA to XLR cable , if i did would i loose sound quality ?

    Or, should i buy a

    which will convert the sound to balanced.

    thanks in advance, im really confused

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    honestly i would just go ahead and buy the balancers. they will come in very handy if you plan on gigging with this controller at all. i had a residency with an unbalanced controller and i had to bring a full mixer to balance the audio. without it, a text message from a nearby cell phone would cause LOADS of interference. you want to avoid unbalanced audio at all costs, even at home imo

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