Create a long echo/delay effect
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    Default Create a long echo/delay effect

    I have recently been using rekordbox and it has a Echo effect that is mapped to a knob.

    The echo effect with this quite long and can be heard even when you close the fader.
    For example if I am cutting up the words HIT IT., after I let the sample out, it will repeat hit it, hit it, hit it.... Even when I close the fader

    I am now back using Traktor and want to use a similar effect. I have tried to use the Delay effect but when I let the sample "HIT IT" out when I close the fader the effect will stop.

    Can I do what I wanna do here in Traktor? Can I make the effect longer and continue even with the fader closed?

    TIA Bart

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    Sounds like Delay T3 on Post-Fader setting could do the trick.

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