Hello 🎶🐾🌀 Iím looking for a controller I can fit in a carryon backpack to travel with.

All the small ones have RCA outputs.

I DJ mostly at ecstatic dances.

And most of these places just use RCA and no one knows the difference, but Iíd like to have 1/4 in case itís supported. And I want to play in other types of venues.

Anyone know of a backpack-sized dj controller with 1/4 main outputs?

I currently have a DDJ-SR with a heavy ass flight case and use Serato.

Not set on anything or care about the cool factor, more interested in sound quality, and learning new hardware/software is 👌

Portability and output quality are current concerns. Know what iím looking flt might not exist or even matter in most circumstances. Just doing research.

If not, anyone have travel controller options they like?

Thank you!