Some beginner questions
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    Since it's Labor Day Weekend, I decided to browse the internet see if I can find any good deals for my first controller. I came across the site DJTECHTOOLS (dunno if they're legit, so if someone can vouch for them that would be great) and they have a bundle for the Roland DJ 202 with Serato Pro, 3 month sub for bpm supreme, and some free classes or something like that for $300. If yall came across any better deals let me know! I haven't pulled the trigger on this deal yet. Showbox Tutuapp Vidmate

    Now my questions:

    I only have a pair of computer speakers and a set of headphones, so if I connect my headphones to the controller and my speakers to my laptop, will I get audio coming out of both?

    I plan on just being a bedroom DJ and having fun with it, is there anything that I need?

    Lastly, are there anything videos or tutorials that will come in handy for beginners?

    Thank you!
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    FYI, this forum is run by DJ Techtools.

    RE your questions:
    1. If you have a controller with audio interface, you'll need to run speakers out of the controller along with headphones to get headphone cueing.

    2. It might be worth looking at a Decksavers cover? For just playing tunes in your room, decent speakers, decent headphones, well optimised laptop, enough space to set everything out and move around while you mix.

    3. There's plenty of resources on YouTube. I'd start with the Serato channel. Also, watch live recordings of DJs that play similar genres to what you want to play. See how their music selection and workflow occur.
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