Hello everyone,

So I have decided to buy a TR 8 and also TB 3 both works perfectly fine together. I use my DDJ RX also to trigger extra effects i.e. crush/ pitch/filter for my drum sounds and synth sounds. DDJ RX is my main audio source. TR 8 plugged into track deck D and TB 3 through track deck C. Recently maybe not even a week I have noticed that my TB 3 would stop mid way while adjusting parameters such as res or other tweaks to the sound, also my TR 8 on a 124 tempo bass drum seems to slow down for about 5 seconds then picks up the pace back to 124. Could this be because of the latency of all my gear connected through one audio interface or is it more? Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

Second part of this question is I am considering adding more to this setup thinking Roland Bitrazer or other module to modify the sound even more while live performing, any thoughts or suggestions.

Thank you in advance,