So I have my twister set up through the MF Utility to have 3 banks. 1 accessible via the LH Switch 1, 1 accessible via the RH Switch 1, and the primary accessible via LH and RH switch 2. However if I press the RH and LH switch 2 simultaneously it goes to what appears to be a 4th bank. However this 4th bank isn't bank 4. Inside the Utility when you switch banks it shows you which bank you switch to but when I press both middle buttons the bank doesn't change in the utility. on the twister though, it lights up all strange. the top 4 rotaries are blue with dots but no indent, the second row is black with dots but no indent and if you take it past half it goes red, the third row is blue with blended bar, the fourth row is black with blended bar and indents. Then, cause it gets stranger, if you press any of the rotaries in the second row like buttons the whole thing goes black except for the tip right goes pink. I am so confused and have no idea what is going on. Anyone have any idea or the ability to replicate this?