Hi. I'm configuring the Twister to control my own graphics software (not using any existing commercial software).

I have figured out how to send the current knob positions to the twister, change their brightness, change the RGB brightness and color... But I have some questions:

1. It seems like when the manual talks about Ch.4 I am actually receiving and sending a channel value of 3 (not 4). When the manual mentions Ch.3 and Ch.6, I use 2 and 5. Why is that? Is the manual using 1-based counting for the channels, when software uses 0-based?

2. If I set the RGB value from my software, pressing the knob no longer toggles the color, unless I again set it to color 0. Can I change the default/pressed colors from my software without using the Utility Software? Using Sysex maybe? Is that documented anywhere?

3. If I touch any control on the Twister BEFORE I start my program, the Twister resets (it start blinking, goes black). Then I have to unplug and plug it again, otherwise the device is not detected. Why does that happen? Maybe Linux is creating a infinite loop of messages? I assumed that if no program is listening to the midi controller messages should be just lost. I don't understand why it resets. It's very annoying, because I need to remember to start my program before touching the controller and I keep forgetting to do that. I'm using the latest firmware that was available one month ago.

4. I seem to be able to set brightness for both rings and switches using the same channel and cc value, just by changing the value. At the end of the manual it says I should use Ch.3 for one and Ch.6 for the other. Why do I need to use two different channels if using only one seems to work? I guess I'm not understanding the concept.