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    Now made a custom version of my mapping to the DDJ-800. There were very small differences.

    2019 DDJ-800 v6.3.3 - mapping for Traktor Pro 3 and 2 - DJ Estrela

    This is a demo of my traktor mapping to the DDJ-800. This is the same mapping as my DDJ-1000 with very minor adaptations (described below).
    All features, all pads, jog scratch and jogFXs taken from the 1000 work fine in the 800. Please see that video for a full description.

    These are small differnces that I fixed on this specific 800 mapping:
    - mixerFX selector buttons require 2x presses to toggle (instad of being hold style)
    - beatFX selector has new MIDI codes, and now works as expected

    The following are other differences that I did not customized (yet):
    - The Auto-Loop button is missing. Instead please press "Loop In long hold";
    - To exit loop, press shift+exit
    Gear: DDJ-1000, DDJ-SZ, DDJ-SX2, Akai AMX. Laptop: Dell XPS 15
    Mappings for all this gear: https://my.djtechtools.com/users/830428

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    Keep it up Pedro! You are doing great job with these mappings.

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