I'm trying to create a free software that would allow any controller to be fully used with Rekordbox DJ (jogs included).

Rekordbox sends a system exclusive midi message to a controller to check if it is "rekordbox supported".
The message sent by the software seems to be always the same, I tested it by emulating a couple of controllers with Loopback Midi.

I don't have an access to a pioneer controller at the moment and I need to know what messages are being sent back by the officialy supported controllers in order to make it work.

If you own a pioneer controller i would greatly appreciate your help.

This sysex / system exclusive message can be seen with a MIDI monitoring software (I.e. MIDI-OX for windows) when rekordbox starts and a controller is connected. After about 10 seconds you can exit rekordbox and save the log file.

Thank you in advance!