Greetings, I recently did my first gig and after many hours of practice I am ready to take my routine a bit further by using abelton live but because im only limited to S4 m1 without any quality external soundcard(i have a cheap one but dont know if it can help).

So I used jack for windows to route everything from traktor to ableton and then from ableton to system/speakers which are my internal pc soundcard.
Everything worked fine, 4 channels 1 cue no delays.

But my problem was that in traktor 2 external mode you cant use faders to control the volume so I lost that control which is literally the most important one.

I tried to use s4 in MIDI mode and it works on Ableton but as soon as I open traktor borh glitch out and then none of them work, I guess you cant go in both modes in the same time.

My only wish is that I have 4 faders in ableton so I can control ny music from the S4, any ideas?