I'm new to all this so please forgive me if I ask something rather obvious.

I've been trying to get my midi fighter twister to work in a couple of different ways but have had no success.
I'm using it with Reason. I want to:

1) Use the knob encoders as push buttons like any other button on a midi surface, so I can map it to a button in Reason. In MF Utility I set the Switch Action Type to "Note Hold" (and also tried some other types) but it still doesn't get detected when using Reason and trying to assign an override. What am I doing wrong?

2) Use the encoders as push buttons to control Kong in Reason (drums). Not sure where to start here as the Kong buttons are not individually assignable, but they do get controlled by midi. Maybe if (1) gets solved then this will become easy. There is a video out there somewhere about doing this, linked by DJTT, but the link to it doesn't work.


(BTW I'm using the Reason codec in "Midi Twister Remote Pack" on github).