Pioneer knobs question. Any advice?
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    Default Pioneer knobs question. Any advice?

    Any advice on removing knobs on a pioneer sb3. I donít have a knob tool like I e seen in some videos. I got the fader tabs off fairly easy w jus a lil research. Cus I had fader probs before on a diff controller. But when it comes to the knobs. I donít want to break em. Videos Iíve seen on diff pioneer models seem easy. But this is an sb3. Not an Sx. I donít kno if thereís a diff. Cus the sb3 is a cheaper model. So may be made cheaper as well. I donít know. Any quick advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    wrap a cloth or something around the button and use pliers

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    Do not use pliers on knobs, ever.....

    Cut a 1/4" slot in a business card. Slide the card under the knob, then slide a thin flat head screwdriver between the knob and the business card (with the right corner of the flathead being centered to the knob/post). Turn the flathead counter-clockwise applying as little pressure as possible.
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