Hi there, I am the proud new owner of a beginner dj-setup. I am starting to get the hang of it, so I would like to record some of the mixes to listen back. As I am mixing I would still like to use my Reloop cdj's and mixer and my speakers (krk) that are connected to my mixer.

I've been trying to get my setup working but I can't get it working. I am a total noob with traktor pro, never worked with it.

I followed this video to connect my mixer with my laptop:
At 2.14min I can only select 1 of the channels: where in the video the guy is selecting two at the same time I have to choose.
If I play something through my mixer my laptop seems to be getting no sound input whatsoever.

My cdj's (rmp3a) are not connected to my laptop (yet), because I want to record everything I'm doing with my mixer as well. My simple amateur logic is that the mixer should be connected because of that, is that correct?

Later on it would be nice to add tracks/channels from Traktor Pro as input for my mixer as well (mixer has 4 channels). Is that possible?

Anybody got any idea what I'm doing wrong? Could be connections, settings in traktor or both. Any help is appreciated!