Greetings from Portugal.

I'm facing a problem and among so many users, I hope there will be someone who can help me.

I'm a professional resident DJ at a club in Porto (you're wellcome to visit us anytime).

My main setup is made of:

2 x Pioneer CDJ900NXS

1 x Denon DJ DS1

1 x Denon DN X800

Serato DJ Pro (of course)

As sometimes I feel the lack of FX in this setup, i bought in eBay a Behringer CMD DV-1 midi controller.

Behringer (and other ources) say that it is compatible and works (?) with Serato, but I guess it was with SSL.

I connect everything and indeed Serato recognizes the DV-1, but in midi section only has "use midi device", so I cannot program knobs or buttons on DV-1.

It's there, but it's as if it wasn't.

What I ask is if anyone in this world has ever used (or is using) a Behringer CMD DV-1 to control FX on Serato DJ Pro, using Pioneer CDJ's in HID mode and could possibly share is knowledge or even better, share a XML script to allow me to work with the DV-1.


All help is wellcome.

Thanks for your kind support.