need some bmore club music
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    Default need some bmore club music

    yo does anybody know where i can get some baltimore club music at, went to nashville to a club a while ago and they were playing alot, i am dj'n again and i want to start throwing in something new thats not played much down here. Tried finding some music online and stuff and cant figure out where to buy it
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    I love that style. And when I say style I mean its moved on from just a location thing (obviously). Mad Decent releases a lot of Bmore.
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    I have downloaded some wonderful bmore club tracks from... ;p

    I LOVE bmore club. Reminds me of the juke that's around here in Chicago.

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    Lots of this style gettin pushed in breaks at the mo. Stanton Warriors have got a few bits bmore/breaks sounds wicked and the ladies love it.
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