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  1. Looking for Traktor S8 Mapping Help!
  2. Freeze mode question (mapping wise)
  3. Urgent, i'm looking for 2 single deck controllers + mapping
  4. Mapping for akai apc40 as additional controler. Without EQ
  5. anybody map a cdj style play/pause with the skip in traktor?
  6. Loop lenght display
  7. Mapping for traktor pro 2.6.8 & Denon DN HC 4500
  8. Traktor Remix Deck Mapping Questions
  9. Allen & Heath X:One K1 Traktor Mapping
  10. Xone K2 4Channel FX template for Ableton -
  11. Akai AMX AFX Mapping wanted
  12. Arturia BeatStep and Traktor Pro 2.7.0 (remix decks, key adjust & master tempo)
  13. Traktor Kontrol MK1, Custom Mapping Question
  14. Traktor Mapping Problem Maschine Cue Slicer/Key Pads/Pressure FX/Velocity Remix Pads
  15. Question about that Akai AMX with serato DVS support
  16. Problem with Tekken's F1 Mapping
  17. Traktor pro 2 MIDI mapping and Modifier state
  18. Traktor Mapping Window
  19. First post: Is it possible to adjust the tempo of a track per 1 BPM in Traktor?
  20. Farmpad and Freeze Mode on the Pad Kontrol
  21. [VDJ 7.4] Novation launchpad S mapping advices - how to improve it?
  22. Help with mapping multiple controllers in Traktor pro 2
  23. Why can't we use our iphones to get extra screens like the S8?
  24. knobs for faders faders for knobs
  25. Serato DJ Mixer Midi Mapping
  26. trash mapping issues downloading macbookpro yosemite
  27. Traktor - Akia APC 40 mk2 - Mapping
  28. Mapping Modifier-based Commands in Traktor
  29. Switch deck A-B Cmd Pl1 behringer please
  30. Traktor Remix Deck Mapping issue
  31. Looking for 2 mapping for the Pioneer DDJ SB
  32. Map "Capture" function from F1
  33. Activating Metronome playback button based on a condition
  34. Beats to cue to Lemur?
  35. help for f1 mapping
  36. Behringer MM 1 browser please
  37. Midi Mapping Help!
  38. Pioneer DDJ-SX2 with TSP2
  39. HOW-TO: Mapping Traktor Key Knob For Teeko-like Performance
  40. Midimapping - File missing DDJ SP1
  41. FX on Stanton DJC4
  42. Help a newbie? Pioneer DDJ-SB with Traktor Scratch Pro
  43. Cmd behringer MM 1 fx unit and led please
  44. TSI Control Map view & merge web tool
  45. MIXXX Software HELP!
  46. Maschine MK2 Pad pages text not showing up on screen.
  47. XONE:K2 Traktor Pro 2 2.7.0 - Help needed with LED Mapping Inconsistencies
  48. Patatap- Make music with your keyboard!
  49. Electrix Tweaker
  50. Assistance with mapping
  51. Track select trouble with multi controller setup in Traktor
  52. S4 MKII Remix Decks mapping
  53. Shift to new page/controls with Traktor and Launchpad Mini?
  54. MF3D Shift/LED Problem
  55. Problem mapping my Twister
  56. Ableton Push and Traktor - Remix decks sequencer
  57. Traktor Keyboard Mapping for PC
  58. Behringer CMD MM-1 won't control Traktor but is sending midi signals.
  59. Novation Launchkey Mini Traktor Remix Decks Mapping
  60. Track prep map for s4 & s2...question
  61. Midi Fighter Pro Mapping For DJ Player App not recognised in utility
  62. Pre-Made Virtual DJ Midi Mapping Files For Akai LPD8 & Hercules DJ Control Instinct
  63. S.O.S - Drunk Cues!
  64. how do i configurate gain function on my FX knob?
  65. map a Maschine Mikro to use with my Z2 and Traktor.
  66. Best resource to learn mapping in Traktor?
  67. Traktor Remix Decks Mapping for Akai Apc Mini
  68. Help mapping Traktor on Xone k2
  69. Total noob Question
  70. DJ Tech DJM-101 LED mapping in Traktor pro 2
  71. Let's find a way to add one more mapping to the F1!
  72. TouchOSC Hotcue LED question...
  73. s4 MK1 fx mapping swap!
  74. Mapping 'capture' function of remix deck in Traktor
  75. HSB - problem with brightness (kontrol F1)
  76. Mapping PIONEER XDJ R1 to iPad DJay
  77. Help mapping djay pro with DDJ-SX
  78. Feling defeated - Traktor Setups Midi Fighter 3d, Twister and DDJ-SZ
  79. OG traktor pro scratch MF3D
  80. Fx selector mapping?
  81. Help mapping out Xone K2's for Traktor
  82. Numark NV mapping for TRAKTOR??
  83. Traktor mapping question - automatically return to zero
  84. Introducing the Lemur iPad/Traktor Hot-cue drummer mapping, by Champagne Horizon
  85. Allen & Heath Xone:K2 - Mapping encoders in Ableton Live 9 (windows 8.1)
  86. modifier question
  87. correct remixdeck led feedback per page
  88. Stanton SC SYSTEM 3 DJ PLAYER IOS mapping
  89. midi output data for vestax vci 380 platter led's
  90. Send/Return Mapping
  91. Mapping Spectra Midi fighter
  92. Traktor Step Sequencer on Ipad ;) need some more ideas.
  93. Pioneer DDJ T1 & Traktor 2.6.8.
  94. Mapping MF Twister w/Serato DJ
  95. Launchpad mini mapping help!!!
  96. Seeking TSI file for dj tech i -mix MKll ..... not reload .... !!!!
  97. Request: APC Mini Step Sequencer
  98. Traktor 2 Mapping for DJ tech kontrol one
  99. Traktor Pro 2 and Novation Launchpad Mapping Help
  100. Remix decks on X1 mk2
  101. DJTT S4 MK2 Official Mapping Add on question
  102. Kontrol Z2 transport mapping! Help me!
  103. Map Traktor Kontro x1 with Virtual Dj
  104. Myo Gesture Armband Ideas/Help
  105. Mapping a ps4 or ps3 controller with Traktor
  106. mapping VDJ for Tracktor S2
  107. M Audio Midi Trigger Mapping in Traktor
  108. i need mapping for ddj-sx with djay pro mac app
  109. MC6000 Advice
  110. Any Mappings for X1MK2/F1/Z1 To activate Record Feature In Traktor?
  111. Can anyone help me map the Z2 hot cues?
  112. Can I have 1 F1 to manage Remix decks and another for Freeze Mode or another mapping?
  113. Nunark 4 Trak & Hercules Mp3 E2 Leds Color Mapping
  114. APCmini Remix Decks C&D + hotcues for Decks A&B - Mapping
  115. Traktor X1 MkII; Mapping; Learn Function wont work
  116. Help tsi. Mapping for dicers to controll deck c&d
  117. How to arrange led output?
  118. Ean's " Rapid Track Prep Tool" (KeyBoard Mapping for Traktor)
  119. where is the vc1 1.4 firmware!!??? somebody plz direct me to it.
  120. Custom Maschine/Traktor Scratch Mapping - Request. Will Pay
  121. Need help Mapping my F1
  122. start a loop from the OUT point in Traktor, is that possible??
  123. loop recorder source map!
  124. How to map the center coder of the X1 to the deck in focus?
  125. Pioneer XDJ-RX midi mapping request for Traktor Pro 2.7.x
  126. Group Effect mapping for Traktor
  127. DDJ SX - Traktor mapping edit HELP
  128. Anyone interested in making a custom Xone K2 mapping for me, will pay!
  129. Ableton midi fighter 3d blinking leds
  130. Maschine MK2 Screen issue
  131. Custom mapped X1 LED's aren't working when tractor initially loads
  132. Denon mc6000 mk2 with traktor
  133. Remix deck "tablet fighter"
  134. Traktor Kontrol Z2 - switch timecode vinyl between decks A/B to C/D and back
  135. Mapping Encoders to Loop Traktor Xone 1D
  136. Map encoders into layers, like Xone K2?
  137. how to to map maschine poly pressure to traktor remix deck slot volume adjust??
  138. Request a new mapping service to be added to DJtechtools store.
  139. Xone K2 Traktor mapping for remix decks
  140. DMX lighting for dummies, where to start?
  141. Traktor S2 Mapping
  142. Serato DJ Mapping with Beatmasher MidiFighter Pro??
  143. Xone K2 - Mapping Loop Size and Set in Traktor.....FAIL!!!!
  144. F1 HSB Layers, Colorpresets with BomesMiditranslator-Projekt
  145. TRAKTOR S8 Mixer mapping.
  146. Xone K2/Traktor - 2 Decks, Ext Mixer, 4 FX Units Mapping
  147. Xone K2: Button toggling between two colours
  148. Mapping - Maschine Mikro & Kontrol Z2 in Traktor Pro 2
  149. Mapping Traktor F1 to trigger samples like on Serato?
  150. Trouble with Xone K2 LED mapping in traktor
  151. Traktor Reset gain and Reset FX commands...how ?
  152. Need help mapping loops to kontrol x1
  153. Xone K2 Mapping / Filter reset if filter is active
  154. DDJ-t1 mapping traktor 2 flux mode
  155. Pioneer DDJ SX2 mapping for djay Pro
  156. could someone help me map my Midi Fighter Pro (2 knobs 2 faders) (serato) PLEASE?
  157. Midi Fighter 3D Tilt and Rotate mapping in Ableton
  158. Mapping Stems Help
  159. Logic pro x Midi fighter twister mapping
  160. Two Luanchpad minis in Traktor
  161. Instant FX effect buttons that switches FX panel mode
  162. Need Assistance on Mapping S8 Kontrol
  163. Traktor / Behringer NIGHTMARE
  164. Help with Kontrol F1
  165. Help with mapping pioneer ddj-sb to traktor
  166. Pioneer ddj-s1 mapping for traktor
  167. vci 400 TR (Rare controller) Need urgent assistance?
  168. Change standard patterns on Twister
  169. Should i update My MK1 software use DJ Shiftee mappings.....
  170. Mapping help
  171. !NEED HELP! mapping several remix set stems/slots to one button/pad in Traktor
  172. TP2.8 Remix Deck Mapping
  173. i know this has been asked but is there any mapping for the numark nv i can download
  174. Close dialogue boxes in Traktor with midi button?
  175. Help. I am looking for a apc40 mk2 CC map.
  176. i need help with mapping XDJ-R1 with TRAKTOR
  177. Quickly swiching srossfader sensitivity in Traktor
  178. Slicer Mapping for Akai MPD 18
  179. iximix Trakprodj tsi mapping file
  180. Denon mc 2000
  181. Help installing a mapping
  182. Behringer CMD MM-1 Vu Meter
  183. [Traktor] Mapping for timecode play/pause?
  184. Loading Multiple TSI files (having problems)
  185. Allen & Heath Xone:K2 - LEDS in Ableton Live 9
  186. Traktor HID and XDJ-1000 hot cue behaviour
  187. Traktor cue points/hot cues
  188. Request: Kontrol S2 mapping for dJay Pro
  189. Allen & Heath encoder to Program Change ?
  190. Maschine Mk2 + Pioneer DJM-T1 = *Project: DirtyPool
  191. Traktor Z2 Mapping Question
  192. Finding the perfect modular Setup
  193. Traktor 2.5 midi mapping question: Old school "Jump to act cue"
  194. Mixxx DJ Hardware Guide updated; contribute a mapping for your controller!
  195. Song Preparation Eans Method doesnt work anymore
  196. Can't map SHIFT button on VCI-380
  197. DDJSX and Traktor
  198. MF Spectra DeckGrat - Jester Edit
  199. Ean's " Rapid Track Prep Tool" (KeyBoard Mapping for Traktor)
  200. Traktor: Scrolling Tracks on Rotary Jumping Problem with .tsi STUMPED??
  201. Kontrol S4 MK1 mapping
  202. Allen & heat 1D + serato live scratch
  203. Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2 Loop Knobs Won't show "16" loop
  204. Track End Warning: Blinking LED Solution
  205. Setup | Mapping Help
  206. Moving up/down between cells in Remix Deck Slots
  207. Xtreme Mapping Traktor 2.7+ Compatibility Script
  208. Santa's Little Helper [TRAKTOR + Akai APC Mini]
  209. Instant Grat Mapping Question For Midi Fighter 3D
  210. Twister delay
  211. Custom Launchpad LED works when Key Adjust moves in one direction but not reverse
  212. Hercules 4mx- Traktor remix deck
  213. Master/Sync LED question
  214. Changing midi notes 'pre-software'
  215. Weird led ring reaction Akai Apc 40
  216. Mapping a midi output when a cue point passes?
  217. How do I have multiple Midi mappings in Traktor?
  218. Hot Hand USB mapping for Traktor - Advice needed!
  219. help for DJTT Beaubryte mapping traktor s2 mk2
  220. inverting the traktor pitch fader
  221. how to create multi mode "panel" with traktor and launchpad
  222. DJM 850 with Traktor Mapping Nightmare!
  223. Traktor pro/mpc500
  224. Map X1 MK1 Knobs equal to the knobs of the S4 MK2
  225. Behringer lc-1 traktor remix decks mapping
  226. X1 Mk2 Mapping Fine Tempo Adjust On Loop Encoder
  227. How do you map Shift functions for S4 MKII
  228. TRAKTOR Midi Control Question(s)
  229. Mapping Keylock in Traktor Pro
  230. who has mapping for VDJ Pro for Stanton DJC.4
  231. Mapping to Performance Fader in Traktor
  232. Mapping Kontrol X1 Mk2 FX banks to FX 3 and FX 4
  233. MIDI Fighter Twister LED Ring update
  234. Vestax spin traktor pro 2 fully working tsi !!!
  235. Mapping problem Traktor 2 pro.Akyiama jog/scratch/pitch bend
  236. Kontrol z2 see line channels as sound output
  237. Help mapping a specific action
  238. Anyone mapped the new D2 yet?
  239. Map Traktor 2.9 led's to Pioneer DDJ-SX pads
  240. I need help
  241. Enable and disable mappings in traktor
  242. Soundcut/soundcrack when changing banks launchpad
  243. Does Anyone know how to control a Kaoss Pad 3 with midi?
  244. Question on remapping some Z2 controls
  245. how to modify cell/slot pattern ? Traktor remix deck
  246. I want to hire a mapper
  247. Looking to Map Traktor button to scroll playlist?
  248. How to Map Traktor to APC40 mk2 LED Knob in Dumb Mode
  249. Xtreme Mapping - Traktor 2.9 Compatibility
  250. Difficulty in Mapping Midifighter + Reloop Jockey 3 Remix: Effects Settings