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  1. S4 live input?
  2. Case issue
  3. deal of the day
  4. S4 Headphone cue feedback
  5. Newbie post - remove folders added to favorites list
  6. S2 Dying in Middle of Gigs...help please
  7. s4 effects broken
  8. Monitor problem, S2 after 2.6.1 update
  9. Upgraded to 2.6.1, but traktor,she's-a-broke
  10. 1 year with clipping TP/S2 issues
  11. Remix Sets Not Saving
  12. S4 deck c or d output to laptop audio out, aggregate device?
  13. The ultimate Kontrol S4 RMA history channel!
  14. Anybody know what effect(s) this is?
  15. Setting up my Kontrol S2's audio settings
  16. S4 output routing setup help.
  17. Time to move to Kontrol S4 with Control Vinyl
  18. What's everyone using to carry their S2?
  19. Traktor s4 load issues
  20. S4 audio pops/clicks with Windows.
  21. Problems with my S4
  22. S4 Hardware issue USB port on S4
  23. USB not recognized
  24. s4+Speakers Feedback problem
  25. Traktor Kontrol S2 PROBLEM!
  26. S4 LED issue
  27. Can I connect two macbooks to one traktor s2?
  28. Quality of Kontrol Components
  29. Sample / Remix Decks
  30. New simple S2 Mapping
  31. Question on loop recorder, having an issue with sync....
  32. loop recorder out of time?
  33. Browse knob works maybe 50% of the time
  34. CPU / Audio dropout HELP Kontrol S2
  35. Q.: HOW TO? Live 8 -> Traktor (deck C) -> Traktor Kontrol S2 ->>>
  36. Traktor S4 Driver will not install on my computer
  37. Kontrol s4 noise problem
  38. Ableton -> Traktor 2.6.0 -> Traktor kontrol s2
  39. Bought Used S2, sound output horrible/clipped, driver or hardware issue?
  40. Traktor S2: Key Text 3m, 2d and A1, B1. How can I make them uniformly standard?
  41. New Controllers from NI
  42. Traktor S2 remix deck problem!!
  44. Have no clue where to put this post S4+Z2... Is it possible?
  45. S4 popping/glitches/fixes( is it worth it?)
  46. Thedjhookup.com legitimate?
  47. Can you connect the AKG 120 condenser mic to the S4??? PLEASE READ ON ASAP!
  48. Two problems with my 2 months old S4
  49. help with traktor pro and nicecast error
  50. Keeping samples ??
  51. NI Kontrol Z2 with Serato Software
  52. Traktor Kontrol S4 (Power)
  53. S4 and Maschine
  54. s4 Exploding
  55. HELP with mappings.
  56. Traktor Doesn't Recognize S2
  57. Kontrol S2 Deck with flanger glitch?
  58. Kontrol S4: Single 1/4" Main Out to 3.5mm cable with adapter OK?
  59. Traktor 2 deck B&D freezing in front of 1500 people
  60. Questions about traktor dj pro
  61. Traktor S2 Repair Log
  62. S4 and Maschines?
  63. S4 Mapping Question
  64. White RCA Port on S4 Not Working - Possible Workaround through 1/4 Outs?
  65. How to use an S4 (in a club) without any other mixer?
  66. S4 Fx Units buttons not working properly
  67. Using an external sound-card to avoid latency issues.
  68. S4 sound coming out louder on one side of headphones
  69. audio drops in browse mode s4
  70. Tips on headphone cueing/nudging jogwheel for next track (manual beatmatching)
  71. S4 audio help...
  72. Traktor S4 Midi Mode + Ableton Live 9. I'm so close!
  73. Kontrol s2 pitch fader repair
  74. dragging maschine recordings into the remix decks
  75. Performing with the Kontrol S2: Back up workarounds?
  76. S2 users and the Traktor loop recorder
  77. s4 timecode problem with cdj 850s
  78. Please HELP! Traktor not displaying effects/record button
  79. S4 (yellow) LED mapping
  80. S2 Volume/ Flashing LED Problems
  82. Mixing a live singer with traktor s4? Help!
  83. HELP! Problems with my brand new s4
  84. Thinking about adding Turntables to my S4, is it worth it?
  85. Some issues with S4
  86. Complete Noob in need of some HELP!
  87. Strange issue with AC adapter/Power supply for the S4
  88. 4 decks mode with the s4 and two cdj 2000's
  89. Heads up.. S4 goes on sale on NI Website for $599
  90. For those thinking about disassembling a S4
  91. Traktor (S4) BPM issue
  92. help please
  93. Help on setting up my new S4
  94. MK2 Timecode problems please read ty
  95. Need Some help with Turntable set up.
  96. Trouble with Traktor 2.0
  97. Stuck for awhile
  98. Traktor 2.6.2, New features in S4 mapping?
  99. The process of selling a Traktor Kontrol S2?
  100. How to record my mix in Traktor Pro 2?
  101. S4 Cue Points
  102. Kontrol s2 problems
  103. Traktor Kontrol S2/Pro 2 USB indicator issue with Mac - please help!
  104. Pitch adjustments are sluggish/gradual instead of instant
  105. help problem with my mac and traktor s4!
  106. Should I make this sale?
  107. S2 chroma caps help!
  108. s4 led problems..
  109. Importing another collection
  110. Two mappings for S4
  111. whoever says you can't kut on a controller is full of s**t
  112. Traktor Metadata Sync
  113. Kontrol S4/Mac Audio Routing
  114. traktor kontrol s4 audio interface?
  115. Should I buy this S4
  116. s4 question
  117. Help setting up my s4
  118. Jog fx sample button problem.
  119. post shown /
  120. Remix decks
  121. Mapping S4/Serato
  122. Live Input on Deck C? Two versions of Traktor and two Kontrol S2's NEED Single output
  123. My S4 keep crackling.. what do..?
  124. Traktor 2.6.3 problems
  125. Beginner... Few questions ?
  126. New at this
  127. Traktor S4 w/ 2 CDJs on Live Input C and D
  128. I got a problem with S4 anyone can find out ?
  129. Does anyone get problem like this on S4? Graph and Sound congested.
  130. S4 problem from hell!
  131. Random Sound FX on Browse and Deck Loading
  132. Anyone able to change bit rate with Audio 10 and MAC
  133. Sony Vaio Fit and the S4 laptop list?
  134. Kontrol S4 wobbly knobs!
  135. DJTT TRAKTOR S4 MAPPING newest mapping
  136. Traktor s4 799$ now.....
  137. S4 remix deck question.
  138. Replacing LED for deck C & D?
  139. S4 all in one bag. I know this has prob been done 1000's of times in the past.
  140. Traktor S2 Scratching
  141. Picture of the new controller
  142. Getting an S4 need some advice.
  143. Buying a used S4 what should I look for?
  144. S4 Audio output?
  145. There is an S4 at the club, can i just plug in my laptop or are there licence issues?
  146. iTunes playback through S2 sounds awful
  147. flushing background tasks
  148. Buy a new s4 without software?
  149. Use external 2 channel mixer w/ S4. Signal chain trickery
  150. Is there a (sturdy) stand out there for 'over the mixer/CDJ' style that is portable?
  151. How to connect my Traktor Kontrol S4 to Pioneer DJM-900
  152. Can a footswitch be unmapped from loop recorder and mapped to something else?
  153. New s4 mk2 are you getting one?
  154. S4: Can't monitor/cue with headphones AND use monitors, help me!
  155. Creating a tracklist automatically
  156. Using Traktor S4 and Pioneer DJM 900 together
  157. How to set up Traktor Pro 2 on a Mac to make MF 3D work
  158. ┐traktor s2 + traktor z1?
  159. Audio 10 + Kontrol S4 + Technics 1200 MK2 routing problems???
  160. Need to get S4 fader repaired - Where near London please
  161. [Help Please] Backuped and updated Traktor 2 - Lost "Collection" playlist
  162. S4 issues help please
  163. Traktor prob help please
  164. Will the MK1 decrease in price when the MK2 is released?
  165. I need help on my S4
  166. Traktor Pro BPM Settings, a question of multiple tracks...
  167. Traktor DJ Metasync and S2 integration
  168. traktor s4 led issue
  169. My Traktor S4 crashes my ASUS Windows 7 laptop because of the USB 3 ports. HELP?
  170. MacBook Air 2013 and Traktor S4, USB dropouts.
  171. Macbook Air 2013 and Traktor S4, USB dropout.
  172. improve sound from s4??
  173. Help w/ Traktor Kontrol S4
  174. S2 Backpacks under $100
  175. Traktor S4 Default Mapping
  176. No signal right output master channel
  177. hot cue lights after update to 2.6.4
  178. Kontrol S4 Instant Grat not working
  179. Question regarding routing to ableton and line in on Kontrol s4
  180. Right speaker doesn't work
  181. MiK notation overwritten by Traktor, not wanted
  182. Help! Traktor S4 USB Port is Broken!
  183. Sample deck/ remix deck
  184. s4 not going into standy
  185. Might have a blank spot in my gear on hand,
  186. Using Kontrol S4 Decksaver to raise height, so simple!
  187. Output help
  188. Traktor S4 cue lights issue
  189. traktor kontrol s4 problems
  190. question about the s4 mk2
  191. New Computer: Not sure how to activate traktor scratch??
  192. Using mashing mk2 to control remix decks . HOW DO I CHANGE COLOR OF THE PADS!?
  193. How to make s4 Mk2 microphone work in traktor scratch pro 2?
  194. S4 MK2 mappings
  195. F1 nudge function not working properly
  196. Broken Headphone Jack on My Traktor S4
  197. S4 and/or X1 mk2 x2 /2 bpm mapping question.
  198. The S4 and the Controller Backpack v2
  199. Traktor update 2.6.5 and the S4
  200. Syncing Traktor S4 and Maschine Mikro II
  201. Traktor S4 HOTCUE Buttons n00b
  202. Traktor s4 and macbook pro setup issues with headphones - numark phx usb
  203. Audio glitch when switching back and forth from group fx and single fx
  204. Kontrol S4 Mk1 Jog (Turn)
  205. How to Turn on the 'Master' Button with the S2
  206. Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 is it resistant!?
  207. How to change the backspin speed with the jogwheels
  208. Kontrol S4 MK2 Midi Mode?
  209. Can't get grid right
  210. Traktor S4 mk2 with iphone 5 (lightning cable)
  211. S2 + another 2 deck controller
  212. S2 MK2 crashes every time
  213. Mapping FLUX on the S4 MK1, SHIFT + CUE?
  214. How do I chase vocals using the S4 MK1?
  215. TRAKTOR S4 and cdj 400
  216. TRAKTOR S4 and cdj 400
  217. Does anyone have spare parts for S2?
  218. Traktor + S4 Glitches Ruined My Gig - HELP?
  219. noob question slow library loading traktor
  220. Who's using the S2 Mk2 with an iPad only?
  221. S2 Mic Dilemma
  222. S4 Bug..
  223. Traktor S4 & Macbook Pro
  224. Understanding Channel and Main Meters in S4 MK2 and Traktor Pro
  225. Trouble getting mapping to work on S4 Mk2...
  226. help in understanding values for vumeters and main using clipping
  227. Kontrol s2 - usb light blinking
  228. Need advice looking at Kontrol S4 or alternative.
  229. S4 or alternative?
  230. Syncing 3 computers with the MIDI clock.
  231. Kontrol S2 - USB Light Blinking/Flashing - No connectivity
  232. Traktor S2 or S4 MK2
  233. Traktor S4 LED Freezing
  234. S4 not being read by mac or windows
  235. S4 - All lights on dim all the time
  236. Why do effects sound so bad!??
  237. odd knob behaviour
  238. Traktor s4 and Echo Freeze function causing crossfader switch....
  239. S4 in 'external' mode using timecode CDJs. Using S4 as decks C&D.
  240. Flight Case?
  241. Mapping for Z1 to pair with S2?
  242. Coming back to Traktor S4 MK1 after more than a year
  243. Using S4 soundcard to use external mixer
  244. Is there any way to patch 2 mics into the S4?
  245. Only master light is on?
  246. Traktor Kontrol S2 MK II Jog Wheel Problem. Calibrating Problem (Video included)
  247. Help Setting Up A S4 on Vista
  248. S4 RCA's and 1/4 jacks
  249. How to connect the s4 to DenonDN x900 mixer?
  250. Using Traktor with live 9 on one windows PC