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  1. Any Traktor software news?
  2. S2 LED meter always shows clipping
  3. MK2 S4. Honest opinions/insights.
  4. looking for traktor s4 both tempo faders and the outer button from each side
  5. S4 ABCD deck layout mapping
  6. left jogwheel scratches, right jogwheel doesnt do much of anything. please help!
  7. Using Traktor S4 Mk 2 with Ableton Live 9 for creating DJ "mix tapes"
  8. Computer crash installed new osx and can't find traktor in service center
  9. Using TraktorDJ on my iPad4, i can't figure out how to sync my cue-points to my comp.
  10. using a mic on the S4 MK2
  11. S4 pitch
  12. S2 LP/HP Filter Knob
  13. BOSS DD-7 compatible with Traktor S4 Mk2 ?
  14. Sync stopped working mid-set?
  15. Flux and backward loop select ...
  16. URGENT - jog pitchbend
  17. Sound isn't coming out of the left side of my headphones
  18. Traktor Kontrol s2 mk2 Question?
  19. S2 - S2 MK2 Qeastion
  20. Mavericks OSX Clean Install Traktor S4 - Help!
  21. Output volume changing when moved/shaken/tapped
  22. Traktor S4 MK2 won't power on
  23. Mic on Thru and IPOD as backup at the same time?
  24. Shift button "soft" (or "loose") on Kontrol S4 MK2 - am I paranoid?
  25. Vibrations making my tracks skip
  26. Audio Routing Help. S4 + Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 + MixControl
  27. Sample Rate/Latency
  28. S4 MK1 help
  29. Traktor Pro 2 ( Cant delete files grrrr )
  30. Odyssey S4 flight case to use with S2 MK2?
  31. S4 Jog Wheel Sensor MKI
  32. Traktor LE is shutting down unexpectedly
  33. Mic input on new S4 MK2
  34. Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 Not Connected
  35. Should i buy the Kontrol S4 MK2?
  36. Right jog wheel not working....
  37. Warning triangle led
  38. Traktor S2 with Traktor A6
  39. N.I. S2 internal mixer with N.I. A6.
  40. Traktor S2 and external club mixer
  41. traktor x1 along side s2 and F1
  42. No sound coming out of right channel in headphones with traktor S4 MK2
  43. Best speakers for Traktor S4 home setup?
  44. Trying to get Slider B to work...
  45. "Knob snap"
  46. New Upcoming Controllers from NI (Kontrol S8 thread)
  47. Video/Tutorial on how to do live remixes in Traktor Pro?
  48. Setup S4 With My Technics 1200's
  49. Traktor S4 Computer Output
  50. Traktor A6 and S2 as internal mixer, cant hear track in headphone when pre cueing
  51. S4 not sending midi sync
  52. About to invest
  53. Traktor s4 tutorials
  54. Flushing Background tasks
  55. S4 OUTPUT - TOTAL CONFUSION - Trs 1/4" Jack's are around louder than RCA's output
  56. Playing launchpad (iPad) Live through Traktor S2
  57. S4 Mk2 browser view and keep control of decks.
  58. Outputting Traktor S4 Mk2 audio to powered speakers- stereo or mono 1/4"?
  59. Native Instruments S2 with Traktor 1.27
  60. Traktor S4 and Ableton Push on Windows
  61. External inputs to S4
  62. Mapping the volume sliders/ fx knobs to ableton WITHOUT going into Midi mode
  63. Troubleshooting my S4 - Play and Cue Buttons Do Not Work
  64. S2 Mic Engage Talkover mode?
  65. Sample packs????
  66. Traktor is unstable.
  67. S4 lights not working on left side only?
  68. S4 price reduction - good time to buy?
  69. Convert Preview Button into Browser Mode on the S4 MKII like the MKI
  70. Traktor S4 MK2 Glitch / Skip issue
  71. Issue with brightness on my S4
  72. There's no tempo fader on the Native Instruments S8...
  73. Loop Active problem.
  74. S4 Cue Buttons Problem :-(
  75. Kontrol S4 (MK2) question
  76. LED Offstate Brightness will not go all the way off on S4 MK2 after 2.7 update
  77. Weird problem with new s4
  78. S4 weird problem since 2.7 update
  79. Traktor S4 Audio Into Ableton Track
  80. No Manual included in the S8?!
  81. Do you own an S8 then let's hear about it.
  82. Midi syncing iPad applications to use on s4 mk1
  83. Mapping on the Traktor S4
  84. Sample packs?
  85. Mapping help?
  86. Remix decks
  87. Setting's in traktor kontrol s4
  88. Traktor S8 review
  89. Traktor S8 review Part 2
  90. Traktor issue.
  92. quick question about upadating traktor
  93. Kontrol S4 MK1 & B.U.T.T
  94. How to automatically play one track after the other on traktor
  95. Who has an S8 now?
  96. Why was my thread locked?
  97. Kontrol s4 mk2 usb 3.0 compatibility ??
  98. S4mk2 and s8 mapped to Traktor
  99. s4 jog wheels instant play on release
  100. Nudging with jogwheel freezes song with no sound - S4
  101. S2 MK1 fimware update help.
  102. NOOOOO , IS THIS A BRICKED S4? any ideas??
  103. Removing caps
  104. upgraded to S4, how to get s4 pro?
  105. Isn't calling s8 mixer standalone misleading?
  106. Traktor Kontrol S8 Filter Question (+ some spontaneous S8 commentary)
  107. S4 Channel D, two inputs
  108. Another weird kontrol s4 (mk1) problem
  109. S2 MKII to play out of laptop speakers?
  110. Trick to Raise a Traktor S4 to Industry Turntable / CDJ height!
  111. S2 MK2 with logitech z323 speakers?
  112. S8 Remix deck set up
  113. USB Hubs
  114. Mac 10.10 S2 Driver?
  115. Kontrol S8 on Macbook Pro....reliable for gigging ?
  116. S8 Volume / Headroom Issues?
  117. kontrol s4 top, upper fx LEDs going off and on, not working
  118. Kontrol S8 HID and MIDI mode
  119. Traktor crashes when opening non corrupt file.
  120. Traktor s2 with pro issues
  121. Issues with s2 and pro 2
  122. S4 mk1 Help pls
  123. Traktor Kontrol S4 MK1 Browser issue
  124. A remix deck question
  125. S2 freezing issues? Worth to buy?
  126. One of the outputs of the 2 in the back of my s2 came out
  127. help with input issue
  128. For those who were saying that Carl Cox wi only use the S8 for one endorsement gig...
  129. Active mode on the S8 ?
  130. How to repair Traktor S4 (pics and video)
  131. S2/Traktor Pro 2.5 | "There are no mapped controllers. Switch on the device"
  132. How screwed am i?
  133. Remix deck problem
  134. Can I use my registered software from my Kontrol S2 with a used s4?
  135. Syncing Samples In Remix Decks
  136. Using S2 with NI Audio 10
  137. Adjusting to the S8 "Future of DJing"
  138. S4 pitch automatically moving
  139. s8 effects on external hardware
  140. Traktor s2 problems
  141. S8 vs X1 mkII
  142. Traktor Pro 2.6.8 and Kontrol S4mk2 totally betrayed me at a gig last!!! Nightmare!!!
  143. Loop Recorder on a S8
  144. Traktor S8 - Monitoring/Cueing single Remix channels
  145. Q&A from the NI forum...
  146. Traktor S2 MK2 MIDI Mode with Traktor Pro 2.5
  147. Can I run the latest version of Traktor? i3 processor
  148. Some say the Kontrol S8 is not yet re-mappable...Ean says it is.
  149. Carl Cox's setup at UMF 2015 Day 1 (Traktor S8)
  150. Kontrol S4 flight case
  151. Pete Tong on the Kontrol S8
  152. S2 mk2 how to remap Flux button???
  153. Traktor Kontrol S4 MK1 -> laggy knob?
  154. How to get the Kontrol S8 to CDJ level
  155. How do you guys setup your home stereo system to the Traktor Boards?
  156. Traktor kontrol s8 internal or external mixing?
  157. Traktor for iPad has altered BPM of track on its own.
  158. Filter cuts on s4
  159. Fly/Travel with S8
  160. Unresponsive/Glitching Traktor Kontrol S2 Buttons?
  161. Help identifying capacitors....
  162. Traktor A10 not being recognized
  163. Traktor unstable afer adding F1 and Tekkens mapping
  164. [Traktor Kontrol S4] Is there anyway to swap Traktor Kontrol S4 decks?
  165. How to fix my loop size/set knob on S2?
  166. Mk1 vinyls with S8?
  167. Inside Traktor s4 and connectors
  168. My s2 is being very unreliable
  169. Traktor pro 2.8.1 channel fader
  170. kontrol s4 + serato
  171. Listen to a song with file scroller stops working & remix decks not working anymore
  172. Adding cuts to tracks with an NI S2
  173. Music skips... maybe an USB problem?
  174. Traktor s4 usb drivers
  175. Is it possible to use the S8 as a 100% blind person?
  176. djtechtools s4 tutorial part 2?
  177. Traktor S4 Buttons Not Working and Stuck in Demo Mode
  178. Any way of using Traktor s2's knobs as a midi output in a DAW?
  179. S2 6mm output only mono?
  180. Replaced USB on board, now sound cards not registering with software
  181. Need help: controlling Traktor Pro and or Traktor DJ with S4 and Control F1 blind
  182. If I'm just starting out to mix, should I get a Xone K2 or a Kontrol S2?
  183. How do you record sesion using djtt s4 mapping?
  184. Traktor S4 Mk2 Won't Stay On!! HELP
  185. Major Problems In Traktor 2.6.8 with playlist getting corrupted with music
  186. Kontrol S8 Wish List
  187. New version of the S4?
  188. Do any controllers allow unplugging of media source without disrupting playback?
  189. How to mix tracks with long intro
  190. S8 as First DJ Controller?
  191. s4 mk1 value
  192. Kontrol S4 big problem
  193. Kontrol S4 MK2 problem
  194. my S4 has stopped working
  195. Repairing Kontrol S2 Tempo slider
  196. Traktor S2 mapping problems
  197. s8 problems help
  198. a question about my S2's 1/4" outputs
  199. kontrol s4
  200. S2 doesnt recognize sound output
  201. Traktor Kontrol S5 Leaked
  202. S8 power issues
  203. Mixed in Key with D2/S8 / Traktors key field
  204. S2 MK2 will not connect
  205. S8 sound card and standalone quality
  206. Denon 3900 and traktor s4
  207. No more bass (s2 mk2)
  208. no bass (s2 mk2)
  209. Kontrol S2 Mic engage
  210. Conflict connecting S8 with 2 D2's and F1
  211. S2 or X1+Z1
  212. Kontol S4 can't control volume
  213. Buttons - Spare Parts for Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk1
  214. Using Traktor and Ableton with S5
  215. S8 Traktor and Ableton with external sound card.
  216. Kontrol S8 not midi mapable in Ableton Live?
  217. Is this setup possible? Please help me
  218. Traktor S2 and Maschine Mikro - What are my options?
  219. S4 Mk1 - Considering Macbook buy - which/why/any issues?
  220. Traktor S4 problem
  221. Set up Traktor F1 with 2 CDJ 900 Nexus using HID
  222. Is there a feature like this on the Traktor D2 controller?
  223. Some Traktor to DAW midi sync questions!
  224. Traktor s8 display screen
  225. S8 Deck B Filter & Bass encoders slightly "off"? Centre is not centre....
  226. Kontrol S2 and decks C & D
  227. firmware update problem on my S8
  228. S5 - how to reset tempo offset to 0.0% ??
  229. Traktor S5 vs s8
  230. calibrating knobs on s5?
  231. Kontrol S2 as main controller and Xone:K2 for effects - how to setup?
  232. Remix Deck (C) Kontrol Z2
  233. Syncing Pioneer DJM 900 nexus fx,s to traktor S4
  234. Setup Traktor S4 with Maschine (CUE Maschine on your Headphones )
  235. S8 with foot pedal?
  236. kontrol s5 vegas mode?
  237. Traktor S5 + Audio 6 DVS..?
  238. Traktor s2 part out! Need parts?
  239. help please/offer advice
  240. Broadcasting with S4 and PC
  241. the new s2 and not used :(
  242. Audio problems
  243. Kontrol S5/S8 + external soundcard control Cue Mix/Volume knob with MIDI
  244. S2 or X1 + Z2 for Traktor DJ
  245. S4 mk1 plastic face plate..
  246. Traktor S8 & Roland TR-8 Drum Machine
  247. Traktor S2 Mk2 - need repair or service options
  248. Route maschine audio into Traktor channel
  249. S2 Kontrol & Stems issue
  250. Is there any way to increase the sensitivity on the Gain/Filter knobs on the S2?