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  1. S2 Kontrol & Stems issue
  2. Is there any way to increase the sensitivity on the Gain/Filter knobs on the S2?
  3. S4 flight case/Alternative
  4. NI Traktor Pro 2/Kontrol Nightmare
  5. Stems View Traktor S4 Mk1 Not Happening
  6. whats the best combo of controlers to go with a Z2? the F1, the D2
  8. X1 Mk2 LEDs
  9. Kontrol D2 use case with regular tracks.
  10. External FX on a Kontrol S8 possible?
  11. Has headroom setting been removed?
  12. How do you think your mix or others sound, with Stems added?
  13. Sync track importdate from iTunes to traktor
  14. Mapping for kontrol D2
  15. S2 vs S5 - Which controller next? I need a suggestion from the experts!!
  16. How to change round Deck A & Deck C to Deck C & Deck A on X1
  17. Routing S4 to Ableton [Help]
  18. Using Effects Inside Traktor Remix Decks - S5
  19. Anyone using thunderbolt connection for traktor S5?
  20. Traktor S5 Master Tempo Sound Bug
  21. Syncing External Synths/Drums to Traktor - plus Super S5 Preview
  22. Kontrol S5, Rubbish mic level when routed to Live input deck.
  23. D2 - general midi question - easier way to do this?
  24. what does the tempo encoder click do in S5 ?
  25. colored waveforms S8/S5 D2
  26. Setting sample to auto play in Traktor Remix Deck
  27. Traktor Pro sound problem when minimized?
  28. Traktor Pro: Disable scratching with macbook mousepad?
  29. s5 audio glitching
  30. Traktor S4 Software Issues - Music Freezing / System Crashing
  31. Kontrol S4 Mk2 issue + S4 Compatibility to D2?
  32. D2 Midi mapping
  33. Traktor S2 Kontrol & Macbook Sound? *Newbie Help*
  34. question about s4 mk2
  35. Importing remix desks .track Traktor crashes
  36. Kontrol s5 question
  37. S5 Problem with screen
  38. Kontrol s4 mk2 and routing tr-8 with external compressor best method?
  39. Using digital vinyl + Traktor Scratch with Kontrol S5 and Komplete Audio 6
  40. Traktor s4 freezes
  41. traktor kontrol s4 mk2 not working...Please Help!
  42. S8 dramas
  43. Tracktor 4 decks system requirements?
  44. Using the same Laptop for both S4 and S8
  45. Kontrol S8 experience for Open format DJs?
  46. About to buy a kontrol s series controller...
  47. Routing Mic Input on S4
  48. Crisp quality while playing tracks via traktor is gone
  49. I had to restart traktor pro 4 times - (Traktor s4 mk2) - freeze/bug
  50. Traktor 2.11 Step Sequencer, Ableton Link, and Stems Demo Remix
  51. Kontrol S8 Problems with knobs and faders of side B
  52. Odd D2 Behaviour with cue point launching
  53. Is there beatjump controls on the S4?
  54. Fader issues
  55. S8 + Traktor + Live input from vinyl
  56. S5 file analysis ? can it be done all at once?
  57. Help identifying missing electronic component in S4 Mk1
  58. Replacement switches/pots for S4 & X1 - where to source
  59. 2 laptops and s8
  60. Traktor S2 MK2 channel fader replacement
  61. Looking for Kontrol S4 Mk2 pcb replacement
  62. NAMM 2017 and the S4
  63. MIDI Mapping The S8 for Tone Play?
  64. Traktor S4 for Rekordbox
  65. Kontrol S4 mk1 with the latest Traktor update question!
  66. Trying to use Maschine mk2 and Traktor S5
  67. help! s4 play button controlling deck A and C
  68. Updated to Traktor 2.11, S8 no longer responds
  69. Would you recommend me the S5 to start?
  70. S8 power supply replacement?
  71. Adding an S2 to a Z2
  72. Help us bring Step Sequencer to S5
  73. S2 case
  74. Help! Which controller should I buy
  75. S8 slows down when loading a track for the first time?
  76. To replace USB connection of S4 or not to.
  77. No Audible Sound Output on Kontrol S8
  78. How to Double-Time/Half-Time BPM quickly
  79. Witch setup to go for ? (S8 vs X1+F1+Z1)
  80. Traktor - Remix decks and Jam controller
  81. Kontrol S8 Power Adapter
  82. Traktor not seeing S8
  83. Kontrol S8 - 2nd display not working
  84. Traktor S5 ecoder Main problem...
  85. Platinum Notes 4 - Worth It?
  86. Suche dringend Traktor in Version 2.8
  87. Traktor S5 BPM analysis seems incorrect on several imported songs...
  88. External hardware midi clock issue with traktor Pro 2 and external hardware
  89. S8 Send Effects - How Do They Work / Only Have It Available On One Effects Channel
  90. LOAD maxing out and slowing down Traktor
  91. Kontrol S5, Novation 2x4 (Need a Little Help, Please!)
  92. Send midi signal from S4 to Roland TR-09
  93. MOST WEIRD thing on S4 kontrol (led lights in vegas mode)
  94. New display mods for D2, S5 and S8.
  95. S4 browsing mode - track control
  96. 4 Band Eq Mode for S8?
  97. Left LED Screen on my Kontrol S5 won't turn on
  98. New set up Kontrol S4 with Traktor Scratch Pro 2 DVS HELP
  99. Link functionality + MTC
  100. Is S2 MK2 a good buy at this point?
  101. Traktor kontrol s2 not working ... Help pls
  102. My win10 lap top doesn't recognize my traktor kontrol s5
  103. Native Instruments S8 or Pioneer DDJ 1000 ?
  104. What controller to buy? NIS8 ot Pioneer DDJ-1000?
  105. S2 MK2 + Audio 6 scratch ?
  106. How to route Ableton audio out on the 4th fader on NI S4?
  107. Scratch with a Traktor S2
  108. S5 FX send buttons activating notes on JAM - anyone else have this happen?
  109. Best PA Mixer for Kontrol S2
  110. Kontrol s4 mk2 default map screwed up.
  111. Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 Dual Output
  112. S4 Crossfader Bleed Problem
  113. Kontrol S5
  114. s4 not working with TSP 2.6.8 new build
  115. technical issue...
  116. S4 Crossfader
  117. S2 MK3 - possible to CUE (pre-hear) remix decks too?
  118. Traktor S2 Beat Mismatch?
  119. S4 Mk 3 - detect vinyl BPM
  120. Turntable into S4 mk3 plays through Ableton but NOT Traktor!?
  121. Traktor S2 MK3 not working with MacBook
  122. Kontrol S2 not work the Device conecction
  123. Traktor Z1 MK2
  124. No sound from Deck A when playing through the laptop
  125. S4 mk3 with ipad pro (djay pro)?
  126. Running Traktor Apps on iPad (iOS 12) using Traktor Audio 2
  127. S4 mk3 remix decks
  128. Traktor S4 with Traktor 2 and ableton live
  129. broadcasting S4 + Youtube on PC not working
  130. My brain needs re-routing i think
  131. Connecting TRaktor Z2 to preamp, no sound?
  132. Time code CD's for CDJ800 MK2's, and compatible software
  133. One Shot BPM Issue Traktor S4 and Kontrol F1
  134. Tekken Traktor S4 Mk3 v1.2 mapping
  135. Mixer fx
  136. S4 mk2 no screws with no screws in Help
  137. Kontrol S8 with Timecode
  138. Z1 fader replacement
  139. traktor Kontrol S8, no output
  140. Tempo control on S8
  141. Borrow remix deck slot inc/dec etc setup from S4 mapping?
  142. So what about my beloved s3
  143. Using S4 mk2 with Ipad? Sync? Midi Clock? Whats the best way?
  144. kontrol s4 mk3 display screen not working?
  145. Help please
  146. I need setup help
  147. Setting up Traktor S2 with Zoom
  148. Traktor Z2 issues
  149. Traktor Scratch Pro
  150. Traktor 2 missing newer playlists on new machine
  151. Buying Kontrol S8 but old iMac