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  1. About to buy S4, but worried about laptop spec.
  2. Traktor S4 license
  3. S4 + Midi Fighter. Scratch Practice video
  4. what turntables???????
  5. I just plugged my stylophone into my S4
  6. Loop encoder knob problem
  7. Problem with Gater Effect discovered during show.... HELP!?
  8. Pitch bending on the S4... from 130BPM to 160BPM
  9. send midi data out with s4?
  10. S4 - Is this the Answer To All!
  11. NI: Kontrol X1 or Midi Fighter?
  12. Will MBP 2.0 Ghz be fast enough for S4?
  13. How to view the crashlog?
  14. Got the S4... pics inside.
  15. EQ In Headphones...And Other Questions...
  16. Quick cable question
  17. **I Finally got my S4, X1 and A2!!!**
  18. Laptop keeps going to sleep?
  19. Will You Upgrade to Traktor Scratch Pro 2 from S4?
  20. Reet Can anyone answer this in regards to the S4
  21. S4 clip light stuck on?
  22. Laptop output into S4 (C or D) output, aint working no more...
  23. free update to the new TRAKTOR PRO 2?
  24. 2 sample decks VS 4 track decks
  25. just chillin, sans headphones.... love the s4
  26. 2 crashes in one event...boooo.
  27. Traktor S4 Video
  28. help with mac
  29. Attention light always blinking
  30. What Effects tricks have u guys done?
  31. S4 startup issue... all sorted now
  32. Traktor Scratch Pro 2 S4 Upgrade Options
  33. s4 sound cutting out during play
  34. Loop in & jog wheel moves loop start - what's the actual mapping happening?
  35. First Small Gig With The S4 Last Night... Had 2 Issues.. :(
  36. not sure if my vol cue knob is working HELP
  37. First gig with the new beta driver
  38. Beatmasher / Beatroll on the S4
  39. Who here made the switch from vinyl? Gear advice needed
  40. iTunes?
  41. buying an s4
  42. Super Knob TSI using Loop Recorder
  43. Traktor Pro S4 Mixer Emulation
  44. Left Loop Lights Bug [+Video] [+Help!]
  45. Browser button sticking/not responding
  46. Who's had there Traktor 2 email?
  47. DJTT S4 bag vs NI/UDG carrying bag
  48. Aspiring DJ Enthusiast
  49. Keeping cue points when updating to TP2
  50. Unable to calibrate right jogwheel in TP2?
  51. Key Lock Samples?
  52. TSP2 Timecode options
  53. I just saw this on E-Bay ... very funny!!!!
  54. help!!! is the voucher code the serial no. for t2?
  55. Speaker Problem
  56. sample decks in T2 problem
  57. Plater Scope In Traktor PRO 2
  58. Got The Upgrade Package At My Doorstep!
  59. Audio issues with Traktor Pro 2 upgrade
  60. Setting up Timecode in TSP2
  61. Looping problem slash bug
  62. Traktor Kontrol S4 Install CD as image?
  63. Samples Removed from collection.
  64. Any turntablist S4 users interested in an experimental net performance project??
  65. Questions about the s4
  66. Kontrol S4 issue with Live PA
  67. Kontrol s4 Microphone Level and Quality (thru mode) HELP
  68. Traktor Pro S4 Serial?
  69. Master Light Just Keeps Blinking
  70. LF Tsi Apc 20-->Kontrol s4 in Traktor
  71. TP2: Loop not aligned to the grid mark
  72. Crane Stand with S4
  73. Just Purcahsed my S4!!
  74. anyone using timecode with the S4??
  75. >>Magma Digi Control Trolley XL<<
  76. Weird problem with s4
  77. t2 upgrade
  78. Help with new software
  79. 4-band EQ with TPro 2
  80. traktor pro 2 upgrade
  81. Noob question about the mixer
  82. UV Flurescent knobs from djtt
  83. monitor sound not working with s4
  84. Loop Size Display
  85. S4 Hardware service??
  86. Traktor S4 and guitar-jam
  87. Clip-On Light for Traktor S4?
  88. s4 driver issue with pro2?
  89. Dj techtools s4 replacements?
  90. s4 and maschine setup
  91. Traktor Pro 2: Jogwheels only 'scratch'
  92. First mix with TP2=)
  93. S4 major audio dropouts and USB errors since Traktor 2 update?
  94. S4 Connection Question - Mackie Mixer
  95. S4/TP2 Via USB3.0
  96. Purchased S4 Two Days Ago, No Traktor Pro 2 Update Included?
  97. S4 mapping improvements in TP2?
  98. How to lay down a Weapons Grade set EVERY TIME!
  99. Live swap from cdj to S4???
  100. Traktor 2 froze??????
  101. My S4 Studio set up
  102. Browse knob jumps
  103. Standard Traktor S4 .tsi in Midi mode?
  104. S4 Durability
  105. Layout Select tsi?
  106. Sound Will Output Through iMac, But Not S4?
  107. Small User Mapping Needed to change how 1 shot samples reset on s4
  108. S4 Sound Issues
  109. t2 with my s4, not savinng settings when i close???
  110. Echo out 4 decks in native mode?
  111. Kontrol S4 Upgrade
  112. What EQ setting are you using?
  113. Latency, Slow Ram, External Hard-Drive
  114. How could i map this? Filter at 100% volume is off on s4
  115. Important information i need to know before my purchase
  116. Successful Gig w/ S4+Midi Fighter+X1
  117. Why arent there any sample button mappings?
  118. Humming noise when external monitors is plugged
  119. Recording a 30 min set.
  120. annoying problem with the s4
  121. Did anyone else get charged for their DJTT Bag?
  122. Beginner S4 Help
  123. Loading/Cueing problem Traktor S4
  124. Play+Sync Traktor S4
  125. Post Fader FX?
  126. Looping Issue
  127. Question about First Gig with the S4
  128. Still no e-voucher for TP2
  129. Kaossilator with kontrol s4
  130. What's in YOUR sample decks?
  131. X-post - midi fighter deck assignment Q with S4 software?
  132. Help
  133. Dub Siren Vs The S4
  134. S4 Monitor Out problem
  135. Cluttered workspace: S4 and Laptop
  136. first gig with the S4 + Traktor Pro Monitor Clipping Sound
  137. Lil' Jon Uses the S4
  138. Grounding Turntables with S4
  139. Running Ableton & Traktor On 2 Computers Through S4???
  140. First time with S4 and MBP=D
  141. Pre-listening problem on 2 synced up S4's?
  142. Browsing on Kontrol s4
  143. Light for S4
  144. What To Do With The S4 Software after installing TP2??
  145. broadcasting with Ustream Help!
  146. My 1st snag with S4/TP2 on Windows
  147. Anyone have a NON native instraments flight case?
  148. S4 Turntable Timecode Problems!
  149. Problem with Main Volume - S4
  150. I am in Love - S4 - Thank U DJTT
  151. S4 Fader Malfunction
  152. Finally found a use for gain encoders
  153. Sync Maschine & Traktor 2 in 2 Computers ( PC & Mac )
  154. s4 and mic input: i need some clarifications
  155. Export music library (again)
  156. s4 and midi pad controllers
  157. Ever noticed similarity between S4 & CDJ2000
  158. Output volume, is it quite low?
  159. S4 Gain knob control
  160. Traktor S4/Vinyl Set up
  161. Changing fx
  162. What was your set-up before the S4? Why did you swith?
  163. Left Scrolling Knob Won't Work?
  164. s4 with tpro 2 epic success
  165. Noob FX Question
  166. DJTT S4 Bag arrived an hour ago :)
  167. S4 not responding "ON" in loop length display
  168. whats with the clicks?
  169. Jogwheel settings to practice scratching
  170. Flight Case (anyone selling their's?)
  171. S4 Downtown LA Artwalk
  172. NHL to Midi Converter
  173. Hacking the S4 Firmware???
  174. Which would you get?
  175. Why You Should Buy the S4!!!!!!
  176. Is there a way you can make the s4 work with Stutter Edit?
  177. S4 Beatjump function?
  178. What I hate about you.(how would you change the s4?)
  179. Two laptops with one S4
  180. S4 + Maschine?
  181. Been getting some dropouts early in a set
  182. Question about "crash" control with s4
  183. Using S4's Input Channel C&D as External Mixer for Kontrol X1 & Audio 2 Setup
  184. Coming Over to the Right Side
  185. A huge problem with the usb of my s4.
  186. S4 software to T2 upgrade fee?
  187. S4 questions
  188. Full Wood Grain KS4
  189. Your Traktor S4 Setup :)
  190. recording a mix
  191. TP 2 + S4 - Scratch upgrade?
  192. suspect my power supply's bust.
  193. Question about the software, help me out please!
  194. I cant play tracks and my job wheels are dysfunctional :(
  195. S4 arrived through the frontdoor!
  196. Remove the "Scratch" from Traktor Pro?
  197. Question about an external mp3 player
  198. New FLUORESCENT KS4 skinz
  199. Laptop questions!!
  200. S4 + unlicensed TP2 = ???
  201. Cue button 'lag'
  202. Songs Will Only Play When Cued ...
  203. S4 and TSP2
  204. Right deck LEDs always on
  205. Snap light blinking :S / Audio streaming
  206. Not calibrating jog wheels before first use
  207. Need help with broken channel issue (Spill Damage)
  208. DubFX on s4
  209. Dub FX Videos
  210. Post your Loop Recorder Techniques
  211. fader problem
  212. Scratching at the beginning of a track......?
  213. Buttons of my S4 broken
  214. Issue With EQ Visibility
  215. Midi Mapping the Kontrol S4 Jog Wheels
  216. Disassembling the Kontrol S4 / Potential Custom S4 Build
  217. Mapping a wide/regular pitch toggle button and some other questions
  218. Traktor S4 vs TP2, Latency, and CPU usage?
  219. Midi Fighter and S4
  220. Considering an S4 over existing VCI-300 setup.
  221. Question about the NI s4 case
  222. Blaaaaaaaddy software.
  223. Using timecode with the S4
  224. Sound output
  225. Please help! Messed w/ mappings and S4 won't work
  226. using other instruments with the s4?
  227. De-authorising
  228. Beatgrid Billie Jean with TP2?
  229. Usb Damage?
  230. Is your S4 power supply noisy?
  231. To Get an S4 or not to get an S4??
  232. Timecode vinyl & S4
  233. Most recent update?
  234. How's the Windows Client Doing?
  235. ALL FOR MIC on S4
  236. Woo! Got my s4!
  237. Kontrol S4 problem - Master LED-Light
  238. Question on the s4 synced with vci 100
  239. S4 Jog Wheel & Midifighters
  240. Hate my s4!
  241. FX 1 and 2 buttons don't work after midi fighter install
  242. A few things I'd like some input on
  243. korg nano pad
  244. Dirt in my S4, need help / advice on possibly cleaning
  245. 3.0 Windows Driver
  246. I got tag teamed by Jester and Photojojo
  247. Changing this forum from "S4" only to "Traktor"?
  248. Quick question about timecode and TP2/S4
  249. Has anyone solved the tempo fader problem?
  250. Itunes wont work :(