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  1. Macbook air + kontrol s4 w/ TP2??????
  2. post your latency with s4,thanks
  3. Jog wheel effects
  4. Traktor Update......
  5. Sampling from the S4 to Maschine on a Mac
  6. useing the x1 with the s4 help/
  7. Traktor reset, fix or uninstall (sync issue)
  8. new on s4!!
  9. Can't see sample decks or use them on my Traktor 2.03
  10. touchOSC (iPad)+ traktor pro 2 w/ kontrol s4 & x1 on windows 7 64bit: possible?
  11. Help Mapping Gain Knobs to Filter on/off
  12. Midi Fighter Classic and S4 issue
  13. Does "cruise control" (autoplay) mode cause anyone issues?
  14. FLIGHT case w/out shelf
  15. hooking up s4 into djm900 nexus
  16. TP2 update voucher for 2nd hand purchase
  17. Traktor S4 on UStream (or LiveStream). HAS TO BE ANY EASIER WAY!!
  18. ean's S2 mapping for S4?
  19. Kontrol S4 Power Problem
  20. Traktor S4 Loop LED Issue
  21. Ean Golden style jogwheel fx in native mode!!
  22. Vinyle turntables with S4
  23. scratch upgrade timecode problems
  24. Traktor S4 - JackAudio - Ableton - Oh FLAPS!
  25. ...so I finally bought an S4
  26. LED knobs for the s4??
  27. Headphone/Cueing Problem
  28. No room for the s4?!
  29. Mono or Stereo Headphone Output
  30. S4 and Vinyl DVS.
  31. XFader Broke :(
  32. Any one know how to use beaTunes3?
  34. S4 FX buttons issues
  35. Clipping
  36. Problem upgrading Traktor to 2.0.3
  37. Wanna see inside my bag?
  38. Headphones Issue
  39. Audio pops & crackles with s4 & MacBook
  40. Additional Controller to add to S4 and Midifighter
  41. Instant Gratification and S4
  42. S4 on Pioneer Mixer: Mid/High Freq too loud
  43. Flying to a gig
  44. Traktor S4 output question
  45. Traktor Speeding Up Tracks
  46. exclamation mark lighting
  47. Delay wont fade? :S
  48. Hidden S4 feature?
  49. Update traktor 2 with S4 ?
  50. Problem with the S4 LEDs
  51. Getting S4 or S2. Can I play albums?
  52. Kontrol S4 + Traktor Duo?
  53. S4 loop size encoder problems
  54. Map FX to S4 jogwheels in traktor 2.1.1?
  55. USB 3 - S4 Doesnt Work
  56. Traktor load track freeze?
  57. Browser not full screen on tp2 with s4??
  58. Master Level knob
  59. S4 / Mixlr / Soundflower
  60. does mr goldn have these kind of issues?
  61. Going from Serato Scratch Live to Traktor S4
  62. Whoa Whoa Whoa (Sound Problems)
  63. help! i have the S4 but i dont have the upgrade?!
  64. Remap sample buttons to "instant gratification" EFX
  65. Moving S4 and library from windows to mac
  66. S4 Microphone
  67. Kontrol S4 Flight Case As Stand
  68. Traktor S4 Software to Traktor Pro 2
  69. S4 phase/grid mapping problem
  70. new gear
  71. Problems with s4 scratch upgrade
  72. big event with s4 went super fine !! :)))
  73. MP3's won't play on Traktor Pro 2 HELP
  74. Where can I get effects?
  75. How to keep S4 clean?
  76. Positive experience with head phone amp
  77. Traktor saying it can't find my songs, WHY?
  78. Nice S4 routine!
  79. S4 cue points trouble, help :)
  80. Traktor S4 Effects How To...
  81. Traktor Scratch Upgrade info.
  82. s4 triangle on top of snap flashing
  83. MIDI for djing/Production
  84. Two People, One S4 & Live
  85. Plugging into club mixers or sound system?
  86. Customizing the S4? Knobs, etc.
  87. Glitchy BPM readout in Scratch
  88. Correct curing of the sample decks!
  89. S4 Versus Numark NS7 for scratching?
  90. Moving into the present with S4 & X1..?
  91. Deck A wont play, Tempo fader messed up.
  92. S4 ground loop help
  93. Using S4 Library ITunes etc
  94. Using Traktor Kontrol S4 for LiveStream / UStream
  95. [PROBLEM] - Mapping? Gremlins? Gremlins!
  96. Soundcard of the S4 VS CDjs
  97. Sync + Shift 2.1 = not working like it used to
  98. What MF Mapping are you using alongside your S4?
  99. Woow how can i do that
  100. Problem with TP2/S4
  101. Traktor s4 with Korg pad 3
  102. Cant seem to needle drop like using vinyl
  103. Gain Knobs S4
  104. Knobs replacements
  105. S4 + Midi Controller
  106. S4 Auto Controlling Traktor
  107. S4 Audio help and button help!
  108. S4 crossfader help
  109. S4 file corruption
  110. Kontrol S4 interface
  111. Problem with Registering S4
  112. [problem] S4: loop recorder, pitch faders
  113. S2 and tempo issues in sample decks and syncing
  114. Question on MIDI mapping S4 jogwheel FX
  115. moving beat grids live
  116. Beatgrid effect like vdj
  117. S4 problem help please!
  118. Problem using S4 & X1 Together
  119. Cpu load since new update
  120. Tpro2 hand over
  121. Tp2 not working with Tks4!
  122. Suggestions for S4 and problems with cold temperature
  123. my tractor s4
  124. Need help on recorded set
  125. S2 jog wheel effects map for S4?
  126. Just got my S4!
  127. problem with fader
  128. Traktor s4 + ableton squared= interesting
  129. samples for s4?
  130. S4 usb connector problem
  131. S4 set up advice: Speakers
  132. Setting Cue to Beatgrid
  133. Quick S2 question
  134. S2 Soundcard going out after an hour set?
  135. S4 Plugging into Rane 68 Mixer--Sounds Underwater?
  136. S2 Hotcue Points 5-8 Access- Help!
  137. How prevalent are defective S4s?
  138. Fx deck 2 problem
  139. S4 Fame
  140. Dubspot DJ/Traktor Pro 2 Online Program?
  141. Dragging songs from Itunes to Traktor decks on MBP
  142. Using Traktor S4 adjust load cues and beat grids
  143. My recent discovery
  144. S4 to Ableton (Like 'The Bridge')
  145. Issues with effects buttons
  146. beatgridding when the track is out of tempo
  147. New Colour scheme for your TK S4
  148. How to output sound through laptop speakers?
  149. Beatport BPM Readings
  150. Idea's for S4 & SL 25 MKII Mappings?
  151. Traktor Kontrol S4 Custom Skinz Anybody?
  152. Help!! Eretic s4!!
  153. Whats up with a good Carrying Bag for the Kontrol S2?
  154. so i finally used my s4 out...
  155. My s2 questions:
  156. s4 usb cable jammed inside s4
  157. S2 being rocked by some big name DJ's...
  158. S4 usb cable
  159. Shaky Wave forms and weird pitch fader.
  160. S2 Question
  161. How much is a used s4 worth? (not selling , just wondering)
  162. S2 and midifighter classic problems?
  163. Map footswitch to come out of loops?
  164. Selling my S4, opinions on new set up
  165. Computer audio through S2
  166. Help!! S4 controller output as Stereo Mix
  167. S2 Cross Fader Bleeding
  168. For Sale - S4 Mint Condition with Software
  169. Too lazy to find S4 Mappings...
  170. Triggering One Shot Samples
  171. S4 has loud buzzing and clicking noise in headphones only
  172. Cueing Headphones with external hardrive?
  173. Innobender and the insides of your S2
  174. More S4 disappointment...
  175. loop recorder starts on play start
  176. S4 with TSP?
  177. Filter (Gain Knob) on S2
  178. S4 software/firmware booth output addition request (mods plz read!!)
  179. Help.
  180. S4 in the club
  181. need help with sample decks!!
  182. Is S2 Good For Hip Hop music????
  183. S4 Recording Issue
  184. main gain stopped working?
  185. s4 vs 3 deck Serato
  186. S4 START on load feature
  187. traktor s4 hotcues not loading from TP2
  188. S4 main audio out
  189. New S2 Mapping by Ean Golden
  190. S4/Midifighter four banks mapping confusing
  191. Left jogwheel doesnt work on S4? Glitchy? Traktor SP 2
  192. would these knobs work?
  193. Kontrol s4 Effects on jogwheels
  194. Need the new mapping for the S4 ASAP!
  195. Mic on s4
  196. Question about S4 Effect knobs in 4 FX mode
  197. Ttraktor 2, using S4 internal recording, HELP PLESEE
  198. Running 2 computers with S4
  199. My Bad, need answer on Mic for S2
  200. S2 + emergency through
  201. S2 + Audio4
  202. S4 Master volume LEDs not working
  203. S4 Xone EQ
  204. Question about my music library in S4 (can't find half my songs)
  205. S4 and incorporating Ableton Effects
  206. scratch pro 2 upgrade for s4
  207. Adding a MidiFighter too the s2.!
  208. Learning Traktor 2
  209. new to the s4 need help with tempo fader
  210. S4 Irritating Loop Button Quirk
  211. headphone volume very low when vol knob turned to max
  212. Quick s4 question
  213. Fusion Kontrol S2 DJ Bag Review
  214. Native Instruments Ultimate Controller Mockup?
  215. which internal mixer setting do you use ie) classic/nuo/p600/xone...
  216. Connection problem S2
  217. S4 Midi Mode Help
  218. Jogwheels and Traktor.
  219. Open Box S4: Comes with a warranty?
  220. Routing S4 Audio into Broadcast Using This Tool (BUTT)
  221. What would you like in S4 super map?
  222. Setting the monitor pan TKs4
  223. Problem when implementing a new map
  224. S4 Calibration Problem
  225. Problems with beatmatching
  226. S4 is coming but nervous about upgrade
  227. No sound?... S2
  228. Latency setting for my windows pc
  229. Dynamically switch hotcue/sampledecks
  230. Disaster Weekend- S4 Damaged!
  231. Knobs & Faders where to get some
  232. using the s4 as a mixer
  233. Timecode Problem With Scratch Upgrade
  234. Cool S4 + Midifighter Video!
  235. Traktor Kontrol S4 Driver 3.0.2 Windows
  236. Will my old speakers work?
  237. S4 with extrnal soundcard
  238. S4 setup question
  239. One s4, two macbook´s, routing??
  240. Audio drop outs on s4
  241. Connecting Kontrol S4 to Yamaha HS 80 M
  242. filter help on S2
  243. Hooking Up The S4 To Multiple Speakers?
  244. Can I Haz S4 Ean Golden Mapping Plz?
  245. How To Remove Sticky Residue?
  246. BPMs won't show
  247. S4 Phono Jack issues
  248. Traktor S4 vs. Pioneer DDJ Ergo (Serato)
  249. S2 issue! Help
  250. weird bug with s4 and latest tractor