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  1. weird bug with s4 and latest tractor
  2. How do you manage your S4 booth Output?
  3. NI 3.0.2 Drivers Kontrol S4
  4. S2 users need a flightcase!!!!!
  5. Traktor S4 Decks Skipping!
  6. Kontrol S2 + anything = false?
  7. Kontrol s4 worth the money?
  8. installed traktor 212 update and wiped all my playlists
  9. Mic problems with s4 with coded vinyl
  10. Why NOT to buy an s4
  11. is it possible to loosen the jog wheels on S4 ?
  12. Update HELP!!
  13. s4 usability
  14. S2 + Midi Fighter Question???
  15. Old traktor versions
  16. Can Magma multi purpose gig bag 25 be S4 Gig bag?
  17. FX Panel 2 starting to become loose on S4.
  18. Master icon lighting up
  19. I wan't to Gater my Bouncer!
  20. how to map s4?
  21. Selling Serato SL3 for Traktor Kontrol S2 or S4?
  22. set up 2 monitor to my s4
  23. New PC Laptop for Kontrol S4
  24. Use The S4 Soundcard to Maschine
  25. Simple S4 Question to all
  26. Looking to add Cue Points 5-8 to S4. Help.
  27. Problem when trying to use S4 as a controller for Ableton (how to use midi mode etc)
  28. Mono x DJTT S4 Bag or Magma Digi Controller backpack XL ?
  29. S4 on Primetime TV
  30. Oops I did it again - New S4 video
  31. Best way to beatgrid?
  32. Please Help
  33. playing music "thru" controller soundcard
  34. Resetting the S2/S4?
  35. S2 software limitation clarification
  36. loop knobs getting stuck
  37. Introducing myself, new S4 owner
  38. What's Everyones Favourite Effects/Effect Combos?
  39. s4/Audio 10/Pioneer DJM800 Setup Help!
  40. Using S4 as a Mixer??
  41. S4 Channel level LEDs
  42. DJTT S2 v1.1 Mapping Thread
  43. ableton traktor sync issues on s4! HELP!!!!!
  44. S4 used in Liv Club Miami
  45. ableton into S4 using jack router
  46. S4 first time use - Any updates?
  47. headphone jack problem?
  48. Borrowed a Kontrol S4 and can't get it to work
  49. Can't setup my Kontrol S4 properly - Press Play but doesn't play
  50. Effects have dissapeared
  51. Video: Thai DJ rocking club on s4
  52. S4 Helps?
  53. Traktor Licence Query
  54. Recording my set, Best file size?
  55. S4 Fader Slider Problems
  56. So, I got S4, help me out to fix my "issues" + my comments
  57. Question about NI's S4 flightcase
  58. optimisation
  59. Should i be worried about buying an s4 if i'm running a pc with windows?
  60. Dual boot necessary?
  61. pitch fader strange behavior (or, i dont know how the software works)
  62. S4 MIDI Jog Wheel "ticks=" hack - Sweet!
  63. Question about Traktor Scratch Pro.
  64. Help Needed! Newbie with Traktor S2!
  65. Is there a template for s4 to use it with ableton for djing? ...Is it even possible ?
  66. press play on the s4, traktor play button lights up green, but the track isnt moving?
  67. Using an S2 as a mixer
  68. Removing Knobs from S2
  69. S2 Problem: Default mapping doesn't work.
  70. S4 Browse List button sticks!
  71. Some common use questions about the S4
  72. Trakor s4 and Pro 2 problem
  73. Using a Foot Switch to trigger "Record" on the S4
  74. Help a Newbie out! :)
  75. DJTT S4 Mapping Thread
  76. POLL for the S4!
  77. Can I use the new DJTT S4 mapping with the Super Knob TSI?
  78. Planned on getting an S2 soon, but
  79. S4 Mapping for free SO NOT FAIR!!!!!!
  80. Question about Power tools and S2
  81. Traktor S4, Realtek High definition Audio(WASPI)
  82. Difficulty with S4 buttons
  83. S4 version for traktor.
  84. Traktor S4 setup problems.!
  85. Adding CDJs to the S4
  86. S4 Mapping Question
  87. S2 Questions?!
  88. Traktor s4 sound advice.
  89. TRAKTOR S4 Problem!!!
  90. How to install Mapping TSI file
  91. HELP! Blue Screen of death with new s4!!
  92. S4 glitch crackle skipping help!!!!!
  93. How to switch Filter Knob with Gain Knob.
  94. Help Setting Up Hercules Rmx With Traktor
  95. Damaged loop length rotary. Anyway it can be repaired without voiding the warranty?
  96. Traktor Scratch Duo + S4
  97. how do i control all 8 cues with the s4?
  98. TP2 + Kontrol S4 + Ableton Live 8
  99. S2 dvd?
  100. DJTT Please Help S4 problem :(
  101. S4 Jog wheels act as if pressed down all the time!!! Heeelp!
  102. HOW TO: Record a Mixtape with S2/S4
  103. Mixing Sample Rates in Traktor S4 & Vinyl transfer Advice
  104. S2 setup problems
  105. No Audio Output From S4 Main
  106. led display displays lowercase "y"
  107. My Christmas present..
  108. s4 power issues on mac - URGENT HELP NEEDED
  109. So my daughter broke a phono adapter in my S2
  110. Problems with 'new' s4
  111. S2 question
  112. DDJ-T1 traktor scratch pro crash prob
  113. Traktor Kontrol S2
  114. Help - S2 FX On Button doesn't light up
  115. DJTT S2 map not importing.
  116. Prepping Tracks
  117. Sound issue during a set :( HELP!!!!!
  118. DJTechtools S4 Mapping MidiMode
  119. Maschine able to record over Traktor Mix Live?
  120. Crossfader and Tempo Sliders off On Startup
  121. Setup my Kontrol S4 with CDJ:s?
  122. S2 Auto Loop set to 1/4
  123. Adding Sample Control to DJTT S2?
  124. Forcing S4 to do a "MIDI Send-State"? (i.e. sync Traktor w/ S4 knob positions)
  125. Will the DJTT S4 Mapping be fixed of all the bugs? ETA?
  126. windows 32 or 64bit best?? (S2 & Traktor)
  127. S2 / Virtual DJ map?
  128. change deck control with s4 please help
  129. Trouble with mapping
  130. Dumb Question
  131. Jog Mode button MIDI Assignment
  132. S4 Problem
  133. S4 Firmware?
  134. music cuts off couple seconds
  135. Why Does This Track Sound Different When Played On Traktor?
  136. S4 set up help
  137. Help my s4's effect section is not working properly
  138. Issues when loading track
  139. BOSS FS-6 with S4?
  140. "Best" mapping for the Traktor S4?
  141. midi sync S4 to S4 help
  142. S2 crossfader
  143. S2 with powertools?
  144. S2 setup
  145. S2 - Disable/Negate Temp Map?
  146. USB B female failure / broken . Need help/advise please!
  147. Use a S4 with an Audio 10 DJ???
  148. Kontrol S4 - mixtape - Free download
  149. Streaming with my s4
  150. S2 Sync Jitters?
  151. S4 is skipping
  152. S2 + Midi Fighter question
  153. S2 4decks
  154. S4 Mapping Question - Sample Decks
  155. Looking for an effect
  156. S2 and monitor routing
  157. S4/ S2 Windows users - Still have crackle and pop issues?
  158. S2 Sample Triggering
  159. What do you like better with S2/S4 MF or X1?
  160. S4/S2 mapping change - going straight back to default view
  161. S4: Right Channel is out
  162. S4 pitchfader
  163. Need Help!!! Kontrol S4 + MF Problem
  164. Kontrol S4 Registration and Traktor Pro Upgrade Help
  165. Recording problem
  166. Setting up Kontrol S4 in the Club
  167. S2 with iPod touch 4th gen
  168. Gain and Filter option In Preferences
  169. Timecode: Scratch Disabled
  170. S4/S2 for a paid gig?
  171. DJTT S2 modifier missing? 1=7 & 2=7
  172. S4 mapping filter STILL not working.
  173. Upgrading to Scratch Pro
  174. Some buttons dont light up
  175. s4 warranty
  176. s4 issues
  177. Traktor S4 Manuals
  178. wouldn't it be great if...
  179. How to map Shift + Cue Buttons on S2 for Cue Points 5-8
  180. easy mod for your S2
  181. Frustration UGH!
  182. S2 Official Mapping question.
  183. S2 Map
  184. S4 Fader Slider Problems NI responses
  185. S4/Pro 2 increasing weirdness.
  186. S4 Mic Issue?
  187. s4 Help
  188. Help Please! S4 Problem
  189. Need help with the S4 - looping problem...
  190. Master sync overrides my deck sync
  191. S2 monstermidi!!! Wip
  192. USB 3.0 impact?
  193. How to set S4 pitch fader to feel like Technics 1210?
  194. Kontrol S4 suddenly stops playback
  195. s4 / tsp hybrid set up
  196. s2 mixing two songs question.
  197. S2 Mapping Extraction
  198. Crossfader is being strange
  199. Kontrol S4 Laptop choice
  200. Choosing the right cables for your sound output for the S2?
  201. S2 + Nicecast help! =)
  202. Kontrol S4 Deck C/D issue
  203. S2 gain/filter click encoder
  204. DJTT Mapping Question
  205. S4 Loop Recorder
  206. s4 problem,need some help
  207. S2 audio drops on windows 7 during browsing/loading only? Help?
  208. Weird s4 Problem, never before
  209. Why do I need and S4? S2 is good enuf.
  210. S4 with 4 Effect Units Help
  211. USB connector broken on Kontrol S4
  212. Fade In/Out Cue Points Help
  213. S4/S2, 4 deck control with x1 etc?
  214. S2 Macbook speaker output?
  215. Low main output on the S4
  216. Couple of recent traktor issues.
  217. Analyzing issue, beatgrid jumps
  218. S4 issues - Cuepoints 5-8 do not function correctly
  219. Beginer S4 Audio Setup Help
  220. Traktor Scratch Pro 2, CDJ's, Audio 2?
  221. S4 won't connect with Traktor, USB light solidly lit
  222. S4 crossfader mapping
  223. 2 S4 problems
  224. Any way to get the S4 jogs wheels all black?
  225. Traktor Kontrol X1?
  226. S2 now only 329!!!
  227. s4 fader A moves on its own
  228. Whats your s2 living in?
  229. How long is the S2 sale gonna last?
  230. S4 + Instant Gratification?
  231. Fix-High Cpu usage Windows-Traktor S4
  232. is it possible???? Dual s2's
  233. newbie question re: browsing
  234. New NI S5? Discount on S4?
  235. Im looking at getting an s2 and i have a ?
  236. $120 / E100 voucher from NI for S2 owners
  237. S2 scratching almost always 1/4-1/2 second off
  238. Gradual turntable track stop (technics 2010 simulation)
  239. Sick S4, Maschine and X1 Routine!
  240. Just picked up an S2 - need some setup help
  241. Kontrol S2 with Traktor Pro 1.x.x?
  242. Loop recorder knob on S4 as cue/mix knob?
  243. Considering an S2
  244. Traktor 2 sets a BPM that's false
  245. Why aren't my S2 and X1 Co-operating?
  246. S4 & Mic
  247. s2 video ean golden
  248. *NEW* rotating LED feedback for S2
  249. s4 not being recognized by Traktor 2
  250. S2 System Requirements