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  1. Day in the life of a big time DJ.....
  2. Funny BeatBox Website...and my first post
  3. pinchos shemano new member..!!!
  4. Free rotation festival
  5. I'm streaming in about 50 minutes!
  6. Need a new soundcard for my desktop computer
  7. ClubBeats.tv - Live house and trance dj's from around the globe.
  8. awesome birthday present
  9. "Looking for someone to teach me to DJ"
  10. does this make anyone else feel embarassed to be a DJ
  11. Mixcloud - I want to know your opinions!
  12. Question/opinion? Name for a Collaboration
  13. Dj mag Top 100 djs
  14. Tractor S2 Auto Cruse Control Settings Help
  15. iVJ-Pro - iVJing on iPad Made easy (I answer to Q's)
  16. Thoughts on 2013-2014 NBA season?
  17. Steve Lawler instigates an all out facebook war over Dj Mag Top 100
  18. Help with a name, folks?
  19. A friendly reminder...
  20. Laptop stickers
  21. Dave Gurham ' newbie '
  22. Need Las Vegas hotel and Club reccomendations
  23. Stones Throw 45 Live Vs. The Beat Junkies
  24. Happy Halloween
  25. 12 Deck Mixing Video..
  26. Anyone watch SNL last night? Who is he?
  27. Circuits & Soul
  28. Artwork
  29. Looking for DJ's
  30. Millenium 1200
  31. I need to find this song, searching literally for years now!
  32. Thinking outside of the booth - Circuits & Soul
  33. Started Soundcloud Label - Looking for Artists!
  34. DJ Name Drop
  35. Looking for a DJ this Thursday in Long Beach, CA (paid gig)
  36. Headphone setup mixtrak pro
  37. Silent Auction / Numark Mixtrack Po II
  38. djs complaining ;)
  39. How to setup my home studio the best way...
  40. Audio Engineering
  41. Apologies to all...
  42. Anyone else feel jaded sometimes?
  43. Traktor high cpu usage
  44. Traktor pro 2 on original Macbook
  45. Black Friday
  46. I need a wedding DJ in the Bay Area for July 4th 2014
  47. Traktor bpm values
  48. #justdjthings
  49. Ufc 167
  50. Photos of you DJing ;)
  51. Just launched a new business: would love some feedback on the website
  52. ULTRA2014 in one video
  53. Hey guys any of you made any Music blogs? Or Know any good ones?
  54. Watching anime when suddenly...
  55. Any aspiring music jounralists on here?
  56. credit where credit is due (stealing DJTT articles)
  57. Where do you buy your DJ logo/brand clothing?
  58. House on Toast
  59. steam sale...
  60. Boiler Room Debuts
  61. I prety much died [pics]
  62. RIP Paul Walker...
  63. A survey - Techtoolians I ask for your help!
  64. Sonar Stockholm and other festivals {Europe winter 2014}
  65. Biebelback - Mistlegraph [mashup]
  66. RIP - Nelson Mandela!
  67. studiosurfing
  68. Do the LaCie Rugged external HD's come with cables?
  69. I'm visiting the US, anyone wanna hang out? :D
  70. DJ Logo Ideas Help Info
  71. Please help me ID this soundtrack, i have been searching for years..
  72. House on Toast (On mugs)
  73. Club Event Ideas
  74. Xmas Light F*ck You To Employer.
  75. What Tunes Do You Like Taking A Dump To?
  76. How Iowa Country Folks Dance to Animals
  77. Myers Briggs DJ personality types
  78. Paul from Bingo Players passed away
  79. Dubfire disses Dj's, Producers, Promoters
  80. Obama rapping a parody of Snoop Dogg and Pharrell’s hit song Drop It Like It’s Hot
  81. Traktor S2 and what else?
  82. Favourite album of all time?
  83. Happy Festivus! (and Thx to the guys @ DJTT for this awesome, custom artwork)
  84. Why Country Music Sucked In 2013
  85. Paris Hilton says she is one of top 5 best paid dj's...
  86. TNGHT break up
  87. Party Like it's 1999!
  88. Happy New Year DJTT
  89. If any of you are looking to learn a new skill in 2014 check this out...
  90. New EDM online syndicated radio show. Controllerist, DJ's get at us to be featured
  91. Getting carried away with sound....literally...
  92. Win a T Shirt! New design giveaway. Thoughts?
  93. Looking for some guidance on getting events tours up on blogs!
  94. HOW TO: NI Audio2 MKII DIY-Case
  95. Z2 or Xone:42
  96. [PSA] PRODUCERS of Deep, Tech, House, Minimal, Techno
  97. Any Flex/Video Streaming Developers or PHP Ninjas on this forum?
  98. MS Give it a rest. Win8 is crap, so now its time for Win9?!!?!
  99. Introduction
  100. [LIVE] Oblivio Records Podcast Broadcast SWE
  101. Oh not another Rickroll... actually this one is pretty clever.
  102. NEED laptop advice
  103. Best web site - worst web site.
  104. Fishing
  105. [ON AIR Notice] Oblivio Records Radio 23/1
  106. 1099 Question for you Gents.
  107. It finally happened...
  108. Who loves deep house?
  109. Just got a DJM 750
  110. Moving to barcelona - need advice
  111. hardstyle
  112. Sennheiser HD205 softer earpads
  113. Super Bowl 2014 Prediction
  114. This sound system goes to "12"
  115. Have you seen the loopers?
  116. difference between Deep and Progressive House
  117. Help ME ID!!! Please
  118. Red Bull Music Academy Made A Movie
  119. DJ's wanted for gigs in Sydney
  120. Will just leave this here.....best laugh of the day!
  121. £110 voucher for hifi tower .com not sure how to spend it
  122. 1980s Dance Music Thread
  123. So we had a spate of illegal protests today here in Cape Town...
  124. Classic Rap and Hip Hop Thread.(pre-1995)
  125. ATTN: NYC Area Techno Heads
  126. So today i saw DVBBS...
  127. Baby DJ School
  128. Shared by DJ Deekline of Facebook:
  129. every time I go to da rave
  130. What's happening in SF
  131. Learn to contribute to the forums, so your posts won't be edited
  132. Meet Hookie (Inspirational Vid)
  133. Who's from London?
  134. Midi Fighter 3D help in the Phoenix, AZ area
  135. dick Marty (aka Ean Golden) Explains Traktor Limiter
  136. She asked me to tie her up, and do anything I wanted!!!
  137. Short interview - DJs and gears
  138. Help me come up with a DJ name!
  139. tis but a scratch
  140. Mr. Deadmau5
  141. YOUR TOP TRACK(s) 90's early 2000's TECHNO
  142. Frankie Knuckles: A true House legend retires. R.I.P.
  143. Cut Chemist sells his entire vinyl collection to Amoeba Los Angeles.
  144. Need help with a DJ name...(really)
  145. The Grand National
  146. Help me choose my DJ name
  147. Album art and merchandise design
  148. Best Sci fi film
  149. rubens tube
  150. Introduction
  151. If you're in Dallas...
  152. Touch DJ Concept
  153. R.I.P DJ E-Z Rock
  154. If only tree's could make music...
  155. DJ Opportunity
  156. Design a logo?
  157. Question: When Will The Bass Drop?
  158. How is this done (hot dub time machine)
  159. Maschine Mk2...
  160. Traktor LE vs Traktor Pro 2...
  161. Saturday Night Live's quite hilarious take on DJing
  162. Drop the....Fur Ball?
  163. Pixel Jockey
  164. Introduction
  165. Non DJ related audio routing question
  166. Turkey Clubbing Scene? Is there one?
  167. Traktor T-Shirts -Where can I find them
  168. Maschine tshirts.. Where can I find them?
  169. Graffiti-J-ing?
  170. Who else is a REAL Bedroom DJ? ;)
  171. Substance Abuse feat. Sadat X "Three Sheets to the Wind"
  172. Can you guys help me with a contest? It's really important to me.
  173. Realtek Audio Driver w/ Traktor
  174. It's in moments like these that I am not quite sure whether i should quit as a dj :P
  175. sometimes i just love SPAM. Shows us yours. Heres mine
  176. Midi Fighter Game?
  177. Morph : Twin Decks
  178. 13/09/14 > DREAM NATION FESTIVAL - After Techno Parade (Paris)
  179. awsome new controller concept!
  180. Does anyone else think Weird Al looks a little like Richie Hawtin in his new video?
  181. POST YOUR FACE (and make it odd/funny)
  182. Toddler playing with tr-8 and tb-3
  183. Decent EDM channel
  184. Audiophile Live Remix Competition $500 Cash Prizes!
  185. Supplemental reading?
  186. trance song id?
  187. Playing house music on PVC pipes?...Here you go....
  188. Could this awesome community help me out? please.
  189. How do you video record your DJ Sets/Mixes
  190. Mysteryland bummer ending on a high note
  191. New Equipment: Need Help
  192. Help I.D. mystery toy from bad memory
  193. Weekly Dance Music Show In New Jersey
  194. Looking for a YouTube series I watched about producers and vinyl sampling.. Help?
  195. 09 Sept 2014 - CLIPPING. (Sub Pop Records) in Cincinnati, OH
  196. Colombian DJ @djnataliaparis Doing Her Best Impression of a Real DJ
  197. Hottest DJ EVAR!
  198. I'm sick and tired
  199. Staying out of the Red, not done properly by Sander van Doorn
  200. Hilarious Fake DJ
  201. Share a song/video (not your own) thread
  202. It only just occurred to me...
  203. Best Androd App for DJs ?
  204. Only skimming headlines of blog posts now
  205. Have you ever...............
  206. PLEASE help find track name
  207. They dont calll them Krewella for nothing.
  208. Having a bad day? Let's talk about it.
  209. Ideas on visuals??
  210. So many houses and one techno
  211. Airhorn
  212. Just another day in straya
  213. I wouldn't mind some website feedback either...
  214. more bad news for Sound cloud
  215. a dj/producer name ?
  216. Customers want sync, they just don't know it.
  217. Please ID this track for me.
  218. Trolls face 2 year behind bars
  219. Introducing Myself to the Forum
  220. thoughts on this
  221. What's worse?
  222. DJ History, Paradis Garage and Larry Levan
  223. This guy is on fire - proof you don't need fancy gear to rock it :p
  224. Historic NZ All Blacks vs USA Eagles in Sold out Chicago (If you didn't know already)
  225. what we do with Ableton Live.
  226. Confused
  227. No Breasts, No Requests - The Book.
  228. PS4 or Xbox One?!
  229. Did you go through this as a producer?
  230. Anyone knows the track id please?
  231. moving from iphone to android...
  232. Hipsters Distance Themselves From Deep House Claiming It Is “Too Popular”
  233. The Art Of Knob Twisting?
  234. Music and Ear training the easy way.
  235. The Audio Hunt, a new service
  236. need genuine answers. Help.
  237. Hard drive interchangeability
  238. drunken dj question
  239. Our latest offering in the art of Derp Jockey
  240. Yo yo yo...... New here, where all the ladies at?
  241. Best Boiler Room Set
  242. "Pogo" at Creamfields Buenos Aires
  243. What version of TurboTax do I use? (USA)
  244. Pacho & Pepo present: Cloning Sound Showcase at Egg London w/ Critical Damage and TiT
  245. New David Gueyucka
  246. DMX lighting simulators /visualizers.
  247. Ordering of DJTT store to UK
  248. Software to determine a particular NOTE from a riff?
  249. Noya burning Hilton
  250. Helping the DJs