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  1. VCI-400 Problem
  2. VCI 400 doesn't work
  3. VCI-400 ean golden edition
  4. DJTT VCI-400 Ean Golden Edition Mapping (Traktor Pro 2)
  5. Vestax VCI-400 Jog Wheel question...
  6. woooooooooooooo
  7. pretty slick vci400 case
  8. VCI-400 headphone cueing -- no sound, Traktor Pro 2
  9. Will pay someone to map the MF IG Reverb and T3 Delay on EGE TSI
  10. Carrying cases/bags?
  11. VCI-400 Firmware upgrade makes it stand alone mixer - Link.
  12. Vestax VCI-400 Standalone Mixer FW Upgrade
  13. Need Traktor Mapping for Regular VCI-400
  14. Can I Map the pads on my EGE to Ableton?
  15. All Jog-FX Combos for everyone
  16. VCI-400 EGE Sample decks problems/advice
  17. Sample Decks - Heres what I'd like to be able to do?
  18. Looks better in person
  19. Vestax VCI 400 SE - TSI & Mapping problems.
  20. The One + VCI-400
  21. VCI-400 Ean + Traktor for noobs thread
  22. Noob question RE: VCI-400 EGE
  23. Traktor won't let me select EGE as my audio device
  24. static and audio artifacts in the monitor channel
  25. Possible to align the grids while tracks played by pushing shift+sync like on the s4?
  26. VCI 400 Questions
  27. Vestax Driver CD?
  28. VCI-400 EGE latency issues
  29. Keep accidentally hitting VCI-400 Deck B Cue Button!!!
  30. Sticker overlay and video fader.
  31. Latency Question
  32. This is too awesome!
  33. VCI 400 Ean Golden Edition - Traktor Pro 2 Mapping Tutorial
  34. vci 400 master output way too low
  35. VCI-400 EGE Mappings different for Mac and PC?
  36. VCI-400: 'no hardware found'
  37. Thinking of switching from a S4 to VCI-400, some questions
  38. No feedback between Traktor & VCI 400 EG
  39. Still no scratching on VCI-400
  40. Midi being sent to volume faders even when nothing is being touched.
  41. Carry bag for VCI 400 Ean Golden edition
  42. In Regards to internal settings Multicore support and Key lock quality settings.
  43. New VCI-400 EGE Bundle
  44. VCI-400 Routine video with Ean Golden?
  45. VCI-400 EG Jog-FX not working right for Deck C&D
  46. Having a few problems
  47. Show your VCI-400!
  48. FX 3 and 4 control
  49. VCI-400 BugFix for Viper´s mapping Ver.3.2- (Sample Decks now work correct)
  50. Power Cord Problems? Help!
  51. Jog FX i wrong
  52. Traktor pro 2 - Audio Device (Not Conneceted) issue
  53. VCI 400 POWER ADAPTOR (Not EGE edition)
  54. Key Lock on VCI-400 ?!?
  55. Setting up VCI 400 EGE at a club
  56. One hot night with the VCI-400 EGE quick review!! (Previous S4 owner)
  57. VCI-400 EGE LED questions.
  58. pops and crackles
  59. Volume controls different from S4
  60. Any way to "Lock" the Power Adaptor??
  61. VCI-400 EGE Custom Midi Maps
  62. HID Support for the VCI 400 please!!!
  63. VCI-400 Master Output stopped working!
  64. Recording using Traktor and the 400 set up??
  65. Setup Wizard doesn't know the VCI 400
  66. vci 400 tempo fader problem
  67. VCI not showing up for sound card
  68. Scratching vid of the 400 with Traktor Pro 2 Check it!
  69. EGE vs normal 400: different jog wheel LEDs?
  70. Jog FX reduce track volume
  71. vci 400 EGE head phones problems!!!!!
  72. Upset with my VCI right now, not connecting to Traktor
  73. just had a good old blast on my new 400
  74. Chroma cap faders on VCI-400 EGE
  75. VCI-400 Sound Issues? Please HELP!
  76. EGE VCI400 LED Mapping Question
  77. VCI-400 Ground?
  78. "Super faders" possible?
  79. VCI400ege Jogs not "scratching"
  80. Echo jog wheel effect not functioning properly?
  81. Do I have to reset tempo fader every time?
  82. Lubricating faders/Upgrading faders
  83. who manual beatmatchs on their 400
  85. VCI400 Cable Question
  86. VCI400 Cable Question
  87. vci 400 firmware/mapping/overlay/upgrade package when will it happen ????
  88. Suddenly no sound from VCI-400 EGE with Traktor 2
  89. VCI-400 Compatibiltiy
  90. VCI 400 with InnoBender?
  91. VCI-400 EGE with traktor 2.5
  92. VCI-400 FX 3 and 4 not working sometimes with MF3D
  93. Sound Set Up Issues
  94. Quality VCI-400 and Service from DJ Techtools?
  95. Crossfader for decks C & D wont function correctly!
  96. Dear Vestax
  97. WTS: Roland F110 Compact Digital Piano (Black)………………..$900
  98. Template for VCI 400?
  99. Jumpy fader
  100. "FX 2" and "LOOP DECKS" leds on right side not working
  101. Is there some type of guide as to what buttons correspond to what "CC" comands?
  102. Thoughts? Hack Traktor HID for S4 Jogs to VCI-400 firmware.
  103. Need help with setting up sound!
  104. About to throw the VCI out the window!
  105. VCI400 Soundcard is....
  106. anyone stripped down there jog wheesl yit
  107. VCI-400 EGE and Mono bag as carry-on luggage?
  108. Tempo fader & jog problems
  109. Where is my 'Power Tools Dub-step Free pack'
  110. Songs start to jump!
  111. My VCI-400 got stolen...
  112. New firmware for standalone mixer use is out!
  113. UK import duty
  114. when the hell are we getting this update?
  115. Jog wheels get stuck
  116. New Macbook Pro not seeing VCI-400 soundcard
  117. VCI 400 with ableton question
  118. Any VCI400 user here from Malaysia?
  119. Virtual DJ Pro Mapping
  120. Can't record with VCI 400 after 2.5 traktor upgrade
  121. Mapping question changing slicer :)
  122. VCI-400 Ean Golden Scratch/Search problem
  123. VCI-400 vs vci-400 EGE and are there still Windows driver issues???
  124. Vestax VCI-400 Coffin with laptop stand suggestions???
  125. SERIOUS, ridiculous problems with my VCI-400 EGE with Traktor 2 and then with 2.5.
  126. thinking of selling my 400 ege
  127. Crossfader jumping all over the place!
  128. VCI-400 Jogwheel/scratch help! (Traktor Pro 2.5)
  129. VCI 400 and ableton, headphone monitoring
  130. Jog wheels red/no jogfx
  131. How to use VCI-400 w/ desktop speakers?
  132. Jump from 2.01 tractor pro to 2,5 with VCI 400 EGE
  133. VCI 400 issues
  134. setting up jack with traktor
  135. Tempted To Jump Ship from S4 to 400 EGE. However....
  136. VCI400 EGE serious issues
  137. Best Settings For Tight Scratching?
  138. Better pitch specificity?
  139. VCI-400 & MF3D & Multiple Controllers w/ Traktor
  140. VCI 400 Overlay Sticker
  141. These latency threads are flying out of the woodworks recently...
  142. Replacement Jogwheel Screws?
  143. Left and Right side
  144. hooking my vci-300 into my vci-400, is it possible?
  145. vci 400 ege not responding
  146. Turn on Delay Effect: Instant vs On-Release
  147. Vestax VCI 400 Firmware 2.0 out
  148. Faders bouncing erratically in Traktor 2.5.1 when in down position
  149. Firmware change
  150. Vci 400 - using a different power supply
  151. Pitch range display
  152. VCI-400 EGE headphone extension issue
  153. Using Traktor-)JackRouter-)Live with VCI-400 sound card?
  154. Sample decks with 2.5 & VCI400 EGE?
  155. Standard or EGE?
  156. Remix Decks Quantize Function with VCi-400
  157. Ugrading to mountain lion
  158. Routing Question
  159. one problem after another FML
  160. VU not working on new map
  161. VCI 400 EGE or Regular Tempo faders *high resolution??*
  162. Improve Jog resolution/scratch sound.
  163. Can VCI-400 remember active remix decks when toggling b/t deck modes?
  164. how do i change this relative tempo thing
  165. Traktor crackling when loading a track WHILE sending midi clock & using JackRouter
  166. Vestax startup CD
  167. New firmware from vestax for vci400
  168. Pressing "PLAY" to match the beat of the track
  169. Cant get the cue buttons or the fx send buttons to work
  170. A really brief review...
  171. Lights on the Deck Not Responding
  172. Configuring two sound cards on traktor 2.5
  173. VCI-400 EGE vs VCI-400
  174. Connecting an APC40 to a VCI-400 EGE
  175. Sync Issues
  176. Brand new EGE out the box CF curve not working
  177. pre-fader listening not working
  178. VCI 400 EGE + Traktor scratch
  179. Is it possible to use time code vinyl with the VCI400 ?
  180. Chroma Caps on Vestax VCI-400
  181. New EGE vci 400 hopelessly lost will not function
  182. splitter cable
  183. DJTT mapping for Serato DJ
  184. Deck a/c jog wheel light flashing!
  185. Vci 400 -> clubs mixer
  186. Noob Question: Why do my tracks lose their ratings/notes
  187. VCI-400 Stand Alone Mixer Upgrade/ pfl for headphones
  188. B/D Spinner Not Responding When in Effects Mode
  189. Help! vci 400 CRASH
  190. Increase the range of the pitch fader?
  191. Effects Select on FX Unit 1 with Shift modifier and Fader/Knob
  192. Mac OS?
  193. VCI-400 serious CPU overload problems in Traktor/Serato
  194. Updating Vestax firmware on a VCI-400 SE ?
  195. VCI-400 master out volume very low?
  196. VCI-400 SE Ean Golden Edition! ACK not found
  197. VCI-400 SE New Firmware mismatch!ERROR! no ACK still in bootloader mode! help!!!Pls!!
  198. Traktor 2.6 recording a mix
  199. VCI 400 Mic inputs
  200. Vestax's Traktor Pro mapping sample deck problem?
  201. VCI-400SE to Standard VCI-400 Firmware
  202. Where is the shift button on the vci-400?!?
  203. Help!
  204. Jogwheel problem with the VCI 400 need help!
  205. Mapping for VCI-400 EGE and DJ Player iOS app now available
  206. Vestax vci-400 firmware upgrade to vci 400 se
  207. How can I update the VCI-400 EGE FW without a pc?
  208. Problems with the new firmware update Version 2.1 for VCI 400 EGE
  209. Upgrading VCI400 SE EGE Firmware for Mac?
  210. Ist the VCI-400 still a good deal?
  211. HELP: New VCI-400 EGE. Crackling Sound
  212. Rudi-Js VCI-400SE mapping: X-mas wish list
  213. Audio setup help. How do you use yours?
  214. Vci 400 low sound issues in club!!
  215. HELP! New VCI-400. Install Complete. Traktor does nothing.
  216. Problem with new firmware update for 2.1 Please help!!!!!!!!
  217. Eq kill switch?
  218. 2 New Mappings for Standard VCI-400, TraktorPro 2.6
  219. Firmware feature suggestion
  220. EGE and REGULAR vci 400 /// USB 3.0
  221. Crackling sounds and deck a controls stopped working.
  222. Midi Map for VCI-400SE?
  223. Does new VCI-400 EGE work as standalone mixer?
  224. NEW DRIVER - Regular VCI 400
  225. VCI-400EGE w/standard mapping?
  226. 3 questions
  227. VCI-400 Doesn't show as soundcard in my mac, please help !
  228. Drink got spilled over our vestax vci 400 unit. The other tempo slider got messed up.
  229. Viper´s Mapping V. 5.0 is up
  230. VCI-400 with timecode setup questions
  231. Can't update VCI400 EGE to FW2.0
  232. Regular VCI 400 Pitch fader issue
  233. Loose/Wobbly EQ Knobs on new VCI-400SE
  234. Regular VCI 400, monitor cue problem
  235. Can the VCI-400 EGE MIDI Firmware be switched to the regular version?
  236. VCI-400 EG support for Serato DJ?
  237. Sample decks running without a Kontrol F1?
  238. Anyone use a VCI400 with an AMD processor?
  239. Longer power cord???
  240. Midi Mapping for led to flash
  241. groovemixer's edit of DJTT v2.1.2 mapping
  242. HOw do use the 400 for the remix decks? + What is the best mapping for remix decks?
  243. Gig Emergy: channel 2 is playing even when fader is on channel 1
  244. Vestax VCI-400 livestreaming with Traktor on livestream problem !
  245. TSI mapping issues
  246. Is ist true, that the VCI 400's Master Volume Knob is MIDI only?
  247. Traktor VCI 400 Output Routing Issue
  248. Vestax 400 tkt
  249. non SE edition vci-400 jogs do not turn red when pressure is applied
  250. VCI-400 XLR vs. 1/4