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Conversation Between haze324 and DJStone

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  1. Haze324,

    Yes I agree with the simple side of things. That's what I tried to do too, but my understanding of the midi world, shift and modifiers are very bad, so I gave up. But I've played with your tsi loaded last night just checking it out and it's great.

    One question. When I use it. I have the effects 1 light on deck A and 2 on Deck B. How do I get to use the effects on both deck A and B at the same time.

    Am i just being blond in activating it or is it like that.

    Take the white noise. I have it working on Deck A but not deck B.

  2. Stone, Thanks for the compliments man. I havent worked on it much lately, but have a few ideas. Bigbeatzz has also been working on a few things. We're just very much into keeping things simple and straight fwd so you can just turn a knob. It's really hard to mess up that way. I've gotta get motivated and finish it. Any ideas for effects combos. I plan on leaving the last button free and make it a delay-freeze button.
  3. Hey Dude,

    Most useful TSI i have ever found anywhere.
    You are the reason I hate myself for buying 2 mdid fighters for effects.
    Please keep me posted on updates to this file for the S4 if you make changes.

    Thank you so much.

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