Conversation Between VanGogo and DJStone

Conversation Between VanGogo and DJStone

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  1. Hi VanGogo,

    Your Remix of Spin Me Right Round is just awesome. Brilliant Effects.
    Do you have this for download in high quality maybe.
    I'm doing a Neon Glow Party on the 15 Dec and this would be a nice oldie remix to throw in somewhere!
    If it's up for purchase somewhere send me a link please, I'll gladly buy it.

  2. Hey VanGogo,
    Hope you are doing well.
    I've made some changes my side and came across your page of videos.
    Very nice.

    Since we spoke last time I've done a huge upgrade finally to hopefully the correct setup.
    Sold all the old gear (well most of it new) but then baught the following.

    S4 + 2 Midi Fighters.

    It's the standard midi Fighters, arcade buttons - No knobs.
    I've got the ons set to Instant Gratification mapping and would like to program the second one to some of your tutorials.

    Would the button ones do for your settings or do i need some knobs.
    I have the normal knobs on the s4 free so to speak as the one midi fighter does some nice effects in 4 banks mode.

    Any advise please of where to start.

    Would it be possible to get the ArmyofMe4340 just on buttons????

    That's the one I would like to set up 1st.

    Thank you, hope to hear from you soon.
    DJ Stone
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