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  1. You definitely CAN echo out.

    You need to use the FX EQ isolator buttons ion the FX section. You turn ON the echo effect with ALL 3 EQ bands OFF. Then, you un-isolate those EQ bands, and then isolate them again. That will echo out on a single word or a beat, effectively, giving you post fader echo out. Leave the track playing underneath the echo or fade the track out,leaving JUST the echo... It is effectively sing the echo effect as a SEND efect, with the EQ isoltaors acting as send ON/OFF for the separate EQ bands. You can even set up one button to act as a on/off for ALL 3 EQ Bands...

    There's a great video on you tube - but I can't find it right now...

    The DDM4K is a great mixer for the money. You actually have 2 assignable FX sections, so if you want to get REALLY crazy, you could have 2 separate echo's with different rates effecting the same channel, or even have a different rate for different EQ bands.

  2. Hi Patch, Thanks for the advice on the Behringer! Any idea if the DDM4000 it has the ability to Echo out on a track? So an echo can be applied on one track "echo out" so I can bring in the next track? Or enabling the echo on a word so that word echos but track keeps playing without echo?

    We love Bristol, was there in January visiting one of your local DJ's Steve Rice...lovely town!
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