Introduce yourself!

Introduce yourself!

  1. zimfella
    Hi guy's!

    My name is Khurt aka zimfella. Been in Brighton now for 11 years. Originally from Zimbabwe. I enjoy djing Techhouse, deep house and Psytrance. The nights out I always goto are Gobangbrighton (disco/Deephouse) ,Slackers Convention (Breaks) , Freak Bizzare (psy) and PsySundays.

    I will be djing at Neon, a new night of breaks/techno/progressive psy and techhouse(bar)

    anyway lets make a plan to meet up and support eachother in the town where you can't swing a cat without hitting a dj!
  2. MiL0
    Hey - I'm Milo, originally from Brighton (but born in Nigeria!) apart from a stint in Thailand where I lived from 2004 to 2009. I'm kinda taking a break from music-related stuff as I've just bought a flat in Seven Dials with my girlfriend so time/money is short.

    Normally I dj dnb, house, techno, electro & breaks. I was also heavily into dnb production a few years back (had tunes released on various labels, support from Pendulum, C4C, Stakka/Skynet and done collaborations with people like Noisia, Prolix, etc). Sadly I sorta stopped production stuff but I'm considering starting it up again... time will tell

    I'm certainly up for catching a beer with any Brighton-based DJTT'ers... whereabouts is your Neon night? (Facebook is blocked at work)

    ez, Milo
  3. MiL0
    ah it's at Sicky Mike's Frog Bar! I walk past that place every day on the way to work... will do my best to make it down
  4. zimfella
    nice one Milo! I sure do miss a nice niloshake.
  5. zimfella
    come on folks don't be shy! I know there's loads of you out there!
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