are you a...

are you a...

  1. BradCee
    DJ/Promoter/Producer combination of the 3, or something else?

    i think dj pretty much goes without saying for the majority, but figured it would come in useful to know what other edm related things we all do.

    i just dj, admittedly haven't played out for a couple of years for one reason or another

    tried my hand at promoting a while ago, but the night died horribly on it's arse - coldest night in january not a good idea, even the taxi drivers had nothing to do lol
  2. Ciar2001
    DJ and i am making some tunes with a friend i have the ideas he presses the buttons as he has his own fully working studio and is a qualified sound engineer but i don't think i could ever label myself as a producer until i learn how it all works.
  3. scoops
    DJ/Promoter/carpenter lol. would like to give making tracks a go but never got around to it love music. big into the german house for the last 3 to 4 years the revenge is the bizz aswell at the moment. We have Jori hulkkonen playin in feb. taking a break for jan we do a night once a month in a one club and another once a week which is more edits and house fun stuff
  4. Sherlock Ohms
    Sherlock Ohms
    DJ/Promoter would cover the bases I reckon, though I definitely fell into the latter.
  5. D-Kem
    DJ primarily though selling my soul most recently on the mobile circuit ( shocking yes but it brings in the wedge). Ran a night for a couple of years in Tynemouth - Boat Club. Underground party vibe. Dabbling with Ableton but not plucked up the courage to put anything out there yet. Vinyl dealer and Psychiatric Nurse. Oh and proud dad of 2. Think thats it :-)
    BTW Scoops digging Revenge edits, Cosmic Boogie worth a shout too.
  6. DJ Siatt
    DJ Siatt
    Im definitely a DJ!

    but even though I do make my own songs, I wouldn't consider myself a producer (yet).
  7. thecartoonist
    alright chaps!

    i'm hailing from bristol and a DJ/producer check out my soundcloud etc and see if you like my style.

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