Online Backup (audio stream)
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    Default Online Backup (audio stream)

    I know we've had an article about online audio backup but honestly none of the mentioned services are what Im looking for.

    What I am looking for is:

    - unlimited storage

    - Windows compatible

    - unlimited upload/download capabilities

    - ability to stream my audio

    - ability to search and organize the database on the fly

    - around $50 a year

    In my search I came across this: (headed by the former CEO of

    One of the only drawbacks is a pretty crappy price-point ($75 gets you 100GB).

    ZumoDrive looks ok ( but again the price-point seems a bit steep.

    Im continuing to search but do any of you have any secrets on anything available like this?

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    I would go for the 50GB option, I have more music then that, but the music that I play that is loaded on traktor is my bread and thats what I would back up 1st.
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