Djing in ableton help
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    Default Djing in ableton help

    Ok i really want to use ableton to dj in but not sure where to start

    anyone got a good template or give me the basics of making one

    the one thing that i want to be able to do is like beat juggle with hot cues like in tsp

    if anyone has any tips would be great
    using a oxygen 8v2+ hercules steel,audio2 soundcard

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    check that place out. not to divert you from this site but there is alot of good info there for starting out with djing with live.

    also check out the tom cosm vids

    good luck

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    not too sure of where to start with that set up. it took me a couple of weeks to refine my setup. i use an apc, midifighter, and a akai mpk25. i use three 'decks' that hold entire songs that are split into sections--'intro' 'bass drop' 'vocal drop' anything of interest. after those, i have one column for acapellas, one for one shot samples--like cymbals with fx/claps--and another for one shot vocal samples. (after reading this this seems like a lot of shit!) i then have another for loops; for example i have the keys from 'we are your friends' just to add some texture to sounds. everything i need is midimapped so i rarely touch my computer.

    search for s4racen's posts and bentosan here on djtt. s4racen has an awesome apc40 template that you could get some ideas from. also look up tom cosm, as stated above, and will marshall. i use his system for setting up bass eqs. good luck, hope this helped =D

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