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    Quote Originally Posted by belchman View Post

    I have to stress the most important thing is to build good relationships. That's the downfall of many DJs who get given a chance and think they're the shit. When you meet the DJs who you think are crap, playing their pitbull remixes and all that, you might actually find out that they're sound DJs, but just have to play that stuff because that's what the guys like on the floor.

    if you build a good rapport with all of those people mentioned - you're 80% there... I hope other guys can agree with me on this..?


    the dj scene in towns is usually a pretty small community where everybody kind of knows or atleast knows of the other guys who are into it; this is especially true for smalltowns.

    be nice, make friends. don't be a primadonna, don't be a drama queen and don't make enemies; behaving like a fool and referring to others as "crap djs" is not the right attitude to have, definitely not when you're new to town.

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