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    Hey guys, I was thinking of purchasing Traktor Scratch Duo and was wondering if anyone has used it and found any benefits or drawbacks - I currently use Traktor Pro - How different are the two? Currently the biggest attraction is the use of Timecode vinyls and Audio 4 DJ is bundled with it.

    Cheers .

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    I've just bought it, only using it at home as I use Pro for gigs, lack of effects is making me want to upgrade to Scratch Pro already, which is only something like 69euros for the upgrade download anyways, loving the timecode though
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    I use Sratch Duo, too. Yeah, it lacks a little on the effects side, but I tried the Traktor Pro demo, and to be honest, I expected a little more tweaking options for the effects in the Pro version. So in my personal opinion, upgrading just for the effects doesn't really pay off.
    I also don't feel the need to use four decks. Other people's opinions might be different on that.
    The one thing I am really missing are the customization capabilities on the GUI and Keyboard Mapping side. But hey, I'm too cheap to spend 69 Euros for that :-)
    Still, the Audio 4 is a great sound card, and if you plan to use the Vinyl Control option, Scratch Duo is a great bundle. And considering the upgrade path from Pro to Scratch Pro, it might be an option to go for the Duo pack as long as you need a new soundcard anyway.
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