my traktor broke down :(
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    Default my traktor broke down :(

    ive been pulling my hair out for the past two days trying to fix this problem...

    Before two days ago:
    when I loaded a track into a deck, that deck would automatically become the "master" deck. When I hit the sync button on another deck it would automatically sync to the first track.

    The loaded track is not assumed to be "master" and when i hit sync the pitch fader just goes as low as possible (because traktor sees nothing to sync to)

    My effects seem out of whack. The beatmasher doesnt yield a nice four beat loop at its lowest setting. Its more of a 6.5 beat loop ???.

    I've tried to reset all the defaults, but im obviously missing something.

    any help you folks could offer would be much appreciated.


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    im using traktor scratch pro by the way....

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    at first it sounded like it is set to manual and you want it in automatic. then it when you kept going i got a little lost. i would recommend posting this on NI's forum and if that doesn't work give them a call.

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    Check The master tempo setting under the FX bank 1 controls.

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    yup... i feel like a moron, but somehow the tempo mode was switched to manual instead of auto..... thanks so much

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