talkover functionality? Traktor + VCI100 + Audio4
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    Default talkover functionality? Traktor + VCI100 + Audio4

    Chicka chicka yeaaayaaa.

    Whats up everyone from around the world. Im looking to start a radio show to be posted as podcasts online. I want to be able to use my mic in my setup to talk and then jump back into the mix. Any ideas - here is my setup:

    - Traktor scratch pro
    - VCI100
    - Audio4 (NI sound card)
    - Macbook pro

    Any way I can use the mac line in with a mic?


    Can I use the extra line ins on the audio4 with a mic, pass them to the third or fourth decks (I dont use them much anyways)?

    Also looking for clever ways to simulate the dimmed "talk over" effect of certain mixers... maybe an auto eq setting where the treble-mid-lows are reduced way down and then returned to normal after? A toggle perhaps..

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    You can set a button/key to automatically set the volume to a specific level, and with modifiers can then have it jump back up.

    I wouldn't use the mic line in, though you can. just need to aggregate them and make sure Traktor reads it, and you can run it through an extra deck.

    You could also try running a dynamic mic through a set of ins on the Audio4.
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