So I was at my very first official gig this Saturday. Everything went really well, I had a blast and the crowd seemed to really be having a good time. BUT, this one thing happened that sort of scared me and could have ended up being much worse than it was.

I'm playing a track on deck B and cueing up my one track on deck A and as I start touching the left jogwheel, the right deck gets affected :eek: It's clearly audible (at least to me) through the PA that I'm fiddling with the current track. I have no idea what was going on. Deck B was definitely set to master and all that jazz. An no matter what, touching the jog for deck A should never ever affect deck B, right? (Assuming of course that I haven't gone and made some crazy midi mappings, which I haven't). Anyhow I finished the mix anyway, resorting to using the mouse for phase adjustments and after that the error seemed to have gone away.

Anyone else experienced this? Do you know how to prevent it? I'm using a Hercules RMX controller and Traktor Scratch Pro.