Traktor Pro Filter Selection / EQ Selection
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    Default Traktor Pro Filter Selection / EQ Selection

    I am kinda confused on the advantages and disadvantages of the selection of EQ Types and the Filter Section on Traktor Pro.

    It seems there is: Classic, p600, NUO, and Xone- Obviosuly the Xone has one extra Mid EQ. But what are the differences between the others ??

    And what is the difference between choosing ladder or Xone for the filter type ??

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    Same questions here

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    The main differences in the EQs are the cutoff frecuencies and for the filters one has more resonance than the other, for more detailed info.... read the fucking manual!!!
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    the eqs differ in the extent to which they cut the signal or boost it, maybe the frequency ranges of the different bands are different too. At the time I was mixing internally I used the traktor original one, since it would cut a band totally. in the Manual you`ll find a detailed description of the different characteristics.

    The difference between the ladder and the Xone filter can be heard immediately if you switch between them.
    the Ladder filter has a clearly distinguishable filter sound, which some people like especially for a filter sweep. IMHO a tradeoff is that it raises the volume of the remaining signal, so if you use the filter as a tool for blending in or out, you might need to turn down the line fader a bit.
    the xone filter doesnt raise the volume and doesn't add that much of its own sound to the signal.

    Just try it out and choose your favorites

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