The Bridge .. bringing tighter syncing with Ableton and X?
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    Default The Bridge .. bringing tighter syncing with Ableton and X?

    Quoting from a CDM FAQ on The Bridge below. Also note that Ableton is now all XML, could this means that we get Traktor Mix-Tape support too? Or if NI is not feeling the Ableton love .. will we see Mixxx Mix-Tape support?

    Q. What enables the transport sync between the two programs? Why not just use ReWire?

    A. Actually, early prototypes of The Bridge did use ReWire. But ReWire has some limitations, like the inability of a client to use plug-ins or record audio (at least according to the spec), and ultimately people I talked to at both Serato and Ableton felt it wasnít the right tool for this job. ďSerato and Ableton created an entirely new interapplication communication protocol to make the timing as tight as possible,Ē says Abletonís Jesse.

    Q. Will we get to use this transport protocol for anything other than Serato and Ableton, if it works so well?

    A. Maybe. Right now, itís a proprietary sync spec that works only with these two tools. This is normally where I give my ďopen standardĒ speech, but I think itíd be too early to judge whether the solution Ableton and Serato found would even be useful with anything else. It does raise questions for other developers, though, about what sorts of general solutions might work. (Case in point: I recently saw a demo synchronizing 3D rendering, video, and animation tool Blender with the DAW Ardour, all using free software on Linux to do something thatís not currently possible with expensive proprietary solution. What made it tick? A free, open technology called JACK, which does transport interconnects as well as audio and MIDI.)

    Side note: Iíve heard from Live users making insanely intensive use of synchronization and timing that theyíre finding sync performance is improved under 8.1.1 builds and later. There are a lot of variables in sync, but itís interesting anecdotal evidence, at least, and The Bridge did require some under-the-hood work on Liveís timing Ė always a good thing.
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    I'm very underwhelmed by Bridge TBH.

    To me it seems like nothing I couldnt do before (except the saving sets into ableton which is kinda cool).

    I'm far far far more excited about 4 decks in Serato then this. I was really hoping for the ability to control Ableton clips using Serato. Or at least running serato decks in Ableton.

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    Id like to know if we can externally mix Serato's tracks inside Ableton, but i havent found a answer to this question yet.

    That way all that you would really need is timecode to control SSL with and an SL* soundcard - all your mixing you could still do with midi controllers without the need to buy something like a Rane mixer which clearly isn't a very portable option.
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