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    Default Tagging System

    After reading this djtt article, and thinking about various strategies for organising my files in Traktor, I have decided on this system.

    More genres

    I noticed this in the Richie Hawtin videos on the NI site. He has loads of genres with really long names. Considering he plays a particular style of music I realised he has sub divided his genres up much more than I had at first.

    This makes sense, so instead of :
    • House
    • Tech House

    I am thinking more like this :

    • House Funky
    • House Vocal
    • House Deep Vocal
    • House Deep Techie
    • Tech House Bleepy
    • Tech House Deep
    • Tech House House
    • Tech House Minimal
    • Tech House Techno

    Keeping the "House" or "Tech House" bit at the front groups them all together. This approach makes the focus of the genres quite narrow.

    Blog Style Tagging

    I am using the comments tag to store reference to artwork so when this becomes available I can use them but Traktor also has comments2 which is as searchable as any other field.

    I feel that using tagging I can add some keywords to all tracks in my collection and quickly find similar sounding tracks using the built in search. If I choose an ideal tagging system that works across genres then this makes the tagging quite broad.

    I am hoping a combination of narrow genres and broad tags will give me the most flexibility and speed of finding tracks.

    I have attached a layout of my tagging keywords. Basically if there are only the central dark green circles then this is the word you would use.

    For eg: Acid or Synth. Or both.

    If there are circles coming off the central one then you would not use the dark green one but one of the circles coming off the center, such as Deep, Serious and/or Warm.

    Anyone have thoughts about this, or any improvements to the tags I have suggested? Don't be shy now....
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