Transferring grids to another track
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    Default Transferring grids to another track

    Is there a way of transferring beat grids to a different track? Like say its exactly the same tune but with different vocals so all the cue points and loops are going to be in the same place.


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    I'm not certain that is possible as the grid information is contained in the file itself. WAV's may be a different story though, interesting.
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    Don't think so.

    I asked this not too long ago as well. The theory I got was, even if you could transfer the file, it would be based off of the physical mark in the file. And the dead sound in the beginning of the file might be different, or there might be slight differences in the track, and when you transfer stuff over it is all off.

    I just do it manually. It's a pain but at least I know it's right.
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