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    Default Club DJ Booth size

    What's the normal size of a DJ booth?

    Reason I ask is because I'm buying a case/coffin for my stuff. I normally do mobile gigs, so I usually define how much space I can take up by the venue and the size of my rig isn't really limited except by what I can haul. I'm relocating to a new area in the next year or so and would like to move up to club gigs. So, I can downsize my kit to the Lemur w/padKontrol and laptop and have a smaller case, or I can keep my Korg Zero 4 in there and have a case similar to

    Would there be room for it in a normal club DJ booth?

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    If I can offer one piece of advice, its dont get a coffin case! I had one custom made, looked great. But I soon learnt that it takes 2 people to carry it, one on each end. If you arrive early at a gig you gotta find a member of staff to help you if you are alone and sometimes there's no one free. Also getting it there in the first place, again if you're on your own how you gonna get it in your car or what ever? And also you gotta put your back seats flat in the car (or taxi)
    I'm telling you man, it's a lot of unnecessary agro. I sold my coffin case and got 2 single cases, life is a lot easier. You can carry 2 TT's at once in one trip from the car, then your mixer and your record bag on the second trip. Go for the Swan one's, I think they're kinda industry standard and they are really well built, I got mine for 50 each brand new. You can also buy one for your mixer if you dont wanna carry it exposed, or even a soft case.
    Trust me, you'll save yourself a load of hassle with individual cases.

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    a mate had a coffin case for a while but it was a serious P.I.T.A so he got rid of it... not so much that they are heavy (well they are) but they are bloody awkward especially if you gotta carry up a tight stair case or around tight corners

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