Serato to Traktor Transition At Event
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    Default Serato to Traktor Transition At Event

    Greetings DJTT!!

    I'm a long time vinyl DJ about the enter the world of digital DJing via Traktor. To that regard I'm trying to get a mental grip on what the transition would be like taking over from a bloke whom used Serato before my set. I'm using the Audio 8 dj sound card, timecode vinyl, and an Akai LPD8 for sample cue & FX.

    Any tips, tricks, or general insight would be appreciated.

    Also, I apologize if a similar thread was already started regarding this subject.... a simple search did not turn anything up.

    Best to all,


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    Are you mixing internally or externally ?

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    Realistically... you'll want to stick a cd on as your first track.

    Or, and this is a good thing to do if you are playing a gig with a digital set up anyway, plug your ipod into a spare channel on the club mixer for your intro song.

    Then, if things start glitching (which they shouldn't but obviously can) you can quickly stick a track / mix on to tide you over.

    When you're feeling confident with the set up, you may be able to pull the deck that's not playing out of the serato box and into your audio 4/8 soundcard, play your first song, then pull the other deck out the serato box and into your sc.

    I'd say the ipod/cd route is the best

    Or just bring a usb stick with tunes on and ask the dj if you can play on his serato :-)

    That's what i'd do...
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