Scratching til Traktor fucks up
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    Default Scratching til Traktor fucks up

    I use timecode, but if I put on an actual scratch vinyl, sometimes I scratch for so long that the tune on the deck I'm scratching on in traktor moves back so far that it ends up way before the big yellow triangle at the start of the track. When that happens I can't get it to go back into the tune. I try loading a different track, I try hitting a hot cut, I try relative and absolute modes. Nothings works so I gotta relaunch traktor. I know everyone is going to say put it in internal mode before I start scratching, and yes I know that thats what I should do. But I'm just thinking about worst case scenario, i.e. I've had a few drinks or I'm on a mad one playing live and I forget to stick it on internal mode before I start scratching. Had anyone had this problem and does anyone know a way to get out of it?


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    key lock needs to be turned off I believe
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