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    Default A little story to brighten your day

    Today I woke up early to finish my lab for a class (Digital Design Lab), unfortunately I had to hang around my house waiting to get some breadboard from a guy I know. I made it to the lab with 15 minutes to finish my lab report. I was 6 minutes late (2 of which were spent figuring out the TA's name, several were spent trying to find a printer that the TA's told me existed). The TA informed me that since I was late I can't turn in my lab and will get a 0. Shortly thereafter I inquired why we hadn't gotten our weekly quiz yet, the TA replied that we had but since I didn't turn in the lab (since it was late) I couldn't take the quiz. Then I later learned that I didn't actually need the breadboard at the moment and could've come in earlier. I left the lab after a while because my brain wasn't working right and came to a nearby cafe to avail myself with some food and try to feel better.

    Then on the radio in the cafe they played "8am til I come"

    ed. and my belt broke that I am wearing

    also I know that all this (minus the belt is my fault, it still sucks to be a jackass)
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    we've all had days like that, man. Sometimes everything just goes wrong.
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    dude, that sucks.

    hopefully things will pick up for you with the course

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    Yeahthat sucks...

    My philosophy is that whenever something really wrong happens something as good (or better) will happen to balance the cosmic force in the universe.

    So far it always work, although sometimes it takes longer to happen.

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