How useful is the Traktor Bible?
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    Default How useful is the Traktor Bible?

    Why should I buy the Traktor Bible for Traktor Pro 1.2? I find the manual to be pretty extensive and helpful. What gaps does the Traktor Bible fill in? What does it explain that the manual doesn't? What does it teach that a couple minutes with fiddling with the program can't explain?

    In other words, does it teach anything that is very complicated? Will I notice a significant difference? Does it go very deep into MIDI mapping? MIDI mapping is one area where I don't want to spend a lot of time, and a quick-reference would be nice.

    So far, I have been happy with fiddling with the software and reading the manual/forum for help. Will the Traktor Bible provide me with much more?
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    i found the book quite useful, especially as i got started. the midi section is quite detailed, also explaining the general concepts behind the MIDI protocol. it also details several mappings that cover also somewhat complex stuff. however as a reference its not that useful (especially since there is no way to search the book and the index is not sufficient). then again if all you care about is the MIDI mapping stuff .. then you can probably find what you need by just browsing the relevant chapter.
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    The Bible is the best

    Right now I've just finished the MIDI Background chapter and I found it very usefull to understand what MIDI is about in depth. You will learn what is a MIDI Code in terms of bytes and you will realise why we have latency and glitches when you put midi and audio together in the same interface.

    The MIDI Mapping Chapter is very good, I'm at the Modifier section and I found it pretty easy to understand with the very little background I have of traktor.

    The timecode chapter is very interesting, I not plan to use timecoded but I found very important to know how timecoded DJs work with traktor, you will never use all the posibilities of traktor at once, but It's very important to know what are your all your options so you can choose what fits your style.

    Can't say about the rest, I'm still slowing reading it. My daytime job is killing me

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    Thanks for the follow-up guys!

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