Total Noob To Mapping: Can someone please point me in the right direction?
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    Default Total Noob To Mapping: Can someone please point me in the right direction?

    Hey Guys,
    So I've been using DJTT's tsi's for a while now, and while I love them, I'd like to be able to tweak certain things for my preferences. I'm also beginning to incorporate Maschine into my setup, and I'd like to create my own template for it.
    I've tried using NI's Controller Editor for Maschine, but it all looks too foreign to me.
    I've searched around but haven't found too much information on how to start mapping, but maybe I'm missing something.
    Could someone please point me in the right direction? Or maybe give me a few tips here?
    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
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    If you're just getting involved in mapping you should read the various guides NI provides so you know what the commands do and start small. Learn what the interaction types do and how to manipulate them, and go from there.

    The Traktor Bible would also be a HUGE help to you.

    but really the best way to do it is to just keep working at.
    It's the FAQ. Read it.

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    make small tweaks at a time. take the smallest change you've got in mind (even it's swapping two buttons round) and do that first.

    i would say look at the tsi and get a feel for what's what in there, but i tried that with the djtt one earlier to solve a modifier question - brain splode - just asked here for help.
    however the basic vci tsi is easier to take in.
    from there, select a random command, learn a button (that you're interested in how it works) to it and then look for the conflicts on the screen (additional highlights), then you'll see how different things are mapped.

    most important, always save after every succesful tweak, but have 2 or 3 versions on rotate. if you f-up you'll want a quick way back.

    worked for me anyway *shrug*

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