can i use a an oxygen8 as a cheap solution ?
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    Default can i use a an oxygen8 as a cheap solution ?

    ok ohh dj tech gurus I was just watching this video.

    and I was wondering in lue of having a audio dj * ( I have audio DJ 4) could I use a old oxygen 8 keyboard as a ghetto interface solution instead to sync up the midi clock of maschine to tracktor on another machine?

    if all else fails I just beat match by ear. thank God for knowing how to fall back on the basics hehe. But then again I dont think there much of a eloquent way pitch bend on machine.


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    i think you'll want a usb-midi converter instead

    I don't believe the midi out on the oxy8 works when its being used via usb.

    it's midi out is made for use with say a synth module....or if you have midi ins on your computer...
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