Audio Interface: Behringer F-Control FCA202
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    Default Audio Interface: Behringer F-Control FCA202

    I've stumbled across this one on the internet.
    From what I can read about, it looks like a good deal.
    It's about US$80 and has 2 in 2 out(1/4 inch) firewire connection.
    No mic input and not much controls but it looks like a simple solution.
    Has anyone had any experience with this one?

    Also, which option is better? Having the audio interface and controller both connected with USB or having the audio interface connected through firewire?


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    don't forget that with this you only have 1 stereo out, so you won't be able to monitor your mix...

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    Must Be Quite 'Old' If It's Shipping With Live Lite4.
    (We're Up To Live7 Now!!! LOL )
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    Thanks for the info guyz...
    For some stuipd reason, I thought the headphone jack would provide monitoring.....
    I guess I would need something with 4 outs then....

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