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    Default making a promo cd

    anyone got any advice on making a promo cd for clubs/bars?

    ive dj'ed a few bars n clubs before but am looking for a regular spot.
    i play house,tech,techno etc and dont know how far to push the mix. should i go full on or just do a regular on what i would play in a bar?
    Traktor pro 1.2.4, Behringer bcd 3000, kontrol x1, DJTT midifighter, audio 4, hd-25's, Korg nanopad(for sale, pm for details), Sony Vaio vista 3gb dual core, 250 HD

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    Under "With Club Owners" headline theres some good advice as far as your request goes. Try to keep a demo CD short, but to the point, well made, and professional looking to stand out from other stuff

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