Midi Controller Companion to Evolution UC-33
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    Default Midi Controller Companion to Evolution UC-33

    Hi all,

    I currently own Traktor Scratch Pro, Audio 8 and an Evolution UC-33. As I utilise all 4 decks in internal mixing, the Evolution's been really useful when it comes to EQs and fades. But the buttons on the right side aren't quite responsive enough to trust, especially in a club setting.

    So I was thinking of getting another controller that can do the basic few functions like

    Jog Wheel Scroll/Adjust
    Monitor mix
    Browse playlists

    i'm considering the xone 1D or the DJ-Tech Kontrol One.

    any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated. thanks!

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    I use an apc 40 next to my uc-33e.
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    i would recommend a button/pad based controller -> korg nano pad / lpd 8

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    I think an APC20 would serve you really well. You have the evolution for all the faders and knobs.

    Or just a regular pad controller. Or, even the NI X1
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    Definitely a pad controller. The UC-33e has all the knobs and faders you'll ever need.

    Although - it sounds like the buttons on the UC-33e could be used for what you want them to do. The factory default on the buttons on the UC-33e has them sending 2 states - Note ON and Note OFF. This means if you map a button to something in Traktor, it will only work every other time you hit that button.

    This is COMPLETELY different to responsiveness.

    Quote Originally Posted by THE UC-33e Manual
    The 14 assignable buttons can each be assigned to toggle between two values. You
    may for instance want to send out value 15 when you first press the button followed by value 74 when you press the button for a second time. This is how you do it:

    1. Press the Function button labelled DATA MSB 2 times.
    2. Type in 15 using the numerical keypad or the +/- keys.
    3. Press the Function button labelled DATA LSB 2 times.
    4. Type in 74 using the numerical keypad or the +/- keys.

    If you want the button to send the same value every time you press it, simply type in the same value both times.
    I have ALL my UC-33e buttons set to MSB 127, and LSB 127. (Note ON everytime I hit the button).

    If you do this, you'll get the same message sent everytime you hit the button. Responsiveness is NOT an issue on the UC-33e. Midi ON/OFF messages ARE an issue that can be easily sorted.

    You'll save yourself a few quid if you spend 10 minutes setting all 14 buttons to the same MSB/LSB values.
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